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Here is what I will wear from Hum Showcase SS19


Believe me when I say it: people who do not like shopping for clothes exist. We like coming up with the best outfit in our heads but it never reaches execution or even test wear. We would love it if someone can get those out our imagination and bring them to reality. Well, some designers did the job at Hum Showcase SS19.


When you think of fashion weeks, it is usually a hoopla of unwearable high-fashion way too out there and restricted to the ramp. How many times have you ever seen Sadaf Kanwal walking down the ramp looking like Aphrodite herself and caught yourself thinking ‘hey, I can pull this off.’ Let me tell: never.


Zaheer Abbas’s Conceptuelle

What we love about Zaheer Abbas is the minimalism in his design. You don’t need to put tons of embellishments on a shirt and call it art. Setting the bar way too high for everyone else, Abbas mixed a classic autumn palette with pleated fabric and ballooning sleeves and we are just totally drooling over it. We are talking belts and frills and monotone outfits, contrasts you hardly see in local couture.



Zonia Anwar’s Reverdie

Anwar might as well call it the classic bridesmaid collection. Pretty pastels, floral and summery are the words we will use to describe Anwar’s Reverdie. Nothing out there and unwearable, Zonia paired prints with plains; a classic move.



Image’s The Return

Well, they said it! It is the return of short kameez and baggy shalwars. Image showcased loads of white, elegant self-print outfits with a hint of gold. It may not be the boldest of collection, but we are guessing Image may become responsible for the ultimate return of patyalla shalwars.



Rizwan Beyg’s Pearl-Essence

Is this Rizwan Beyg’s best collection? We think, yes! Can’t emphasize how much we loved it. White was certainly the popular choice among the designers this time around. With embossed texture and white embellishments on luxurious ivory cloth, Beyg brought out the collection absolutely fit for royalty.



Khaadi Khas’s ‘Gypsy’

Khaadi Khas is known for being a brand for modern day women. The entire collection, though slightly heavy on the pocket, is totally wearable by everyone. You had to be there for it but Khaadi Khas totally stole the show on Day 3. With no showstopper or even any rep from Khaadi showing up on the ramp, every model wearing Gypsy walked down with deafening applause.



We also loved Emraan Rajput’s all-white collection called The Marquis. Munib Nawaz put on quite a show with a series of showstoppers – we are talking the cast and the makers of film Chhalawa: Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman, Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui, Wajahat Rauf and Shazia Wajahat. 9Lines and Outfitters upped the socially aware lines with Pop Kitschry and The Conversation, respectively. Another attention grabber was Deepak & Fahad’s Markhor, an endangered species and also the national animal of this nation. Here you go, our top picks form Hum Showcase SS19.

Fashion News

Edenrobe WOMAN reveals Sana Javed as the face of their collection Let Women Be!


With the colors of spring just unfolded, edenrobe WOMAN reveals its colorful and aesthetically appealing summer collection  “let Women Be” with Sana Javed as the face of the collection. With having the versatile actress on board for the first time, edenrobe ensures that its collection showcases the strong women of today. Selecting Sana Javed as the face of the brand is an extended approach of how the brand wants to showcase women as the empowered ones.

The collection features more than 100 dresses having beautiful silk, chiffon dupatta to compliment the 3 piece suits, along with this; the collection will also consist of 2 piece and 1 piece prints. Brand will also be launching a collection for mothers under the same name.

Just like the winter collection, this time again edenrobe aims to promote and provide self-confidence among women to let them pursue their dreams without any hurdles. With Sana being the face, the brand gives out confidence to every girl to fight all the odds and hurdles coming her way.


Entertainment Events

HUM TV Fashion Brunch


Sultana Siddiqui of Hum TV organised a fashion brunch at Veranda Bistro in Gulberg Lahore which was well attended by the big wigs of fashion and entertainment industry of Pakistan. The Bridal Couture week is all set to dazzle Lahore this weekend. PR: Savvy.

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Pious Fashion: How Muslim Women Dress


Someone steeped in Islamic traditions may find Elizabeth Bucar’s exploration of style among Muslim women in Iran, Turkey and Indonesia to be a bit simplistic. Indeed, the key message in her book, ‘Pious Fashion: How Muslim Women Dress’, is quite basic: that fashion among Muslim women is diverse, highly individual and different, whether they are fully covered in an abaya/burqa or wearing a scarf/hijaab as a head covering, along with skinny jeans and a fur vest.

At times, Bucar explains, their style is purposely political and rebellious. At others, it is aimed purely at modesty, as the faith orders. And sometimes, it is all about fashion, beauty and personal delight.

Historians might be depressed, but this isn’t a book about revolution in Iran or colonialism in Indonesia. It isn’t even about the civilizations of batik fabric or styles of dress in the Ottoman Empire, although there is a bit of that here. Pious Fashion book is a look at modern dresses and how to see the “Muslim community” as a vast array of people, rather than a mystery.

For many Westerners, the Islamic covering is the ultimate sign of women’s domination. But Elizabeth Bucar’s take on dresses worn by Muslim women is a far cry from this older feminist attitude toward covering. She argues that modest clothing signifies much more than social control or religious belief. Today, scarfs/hijaabs are styled to frame the head and face in interesting ways, while colours and textures express individual tastes and challenge aesthetic presumptions. Brand-name clothing and accessories serve as conveyances of social differences and are part of a multimillion-dollar ready-to-wear industry. Even typical international chains are offering lines especially for hijabis. More than just a covering, this is pious fashion from head to toe, which engages with a range of aesthetic values related to moral authority, consumption and selfhood.

Writing in an attractive style based on first-hand accounts, Bucar calls readers to join her in three Muslim-majority nations as she surveys how women approach the question of “What to wear?” By looking at fashion trends in the bustling cities of Tehran, Yogyakarta, and Istanbul, and at the many ways ministers, designers, politicians and bloggers try to influence Muslim women’s choices, she concludes that pious fashion rests on local aesthetics and moral values, rather than the orders of religious principle.

Pious Fashion describes modesty in Islamic dress as an ever-changing social practice among Muslim women who much like non-Muslim women create from a range of available clothing items and accessories’ styles they think will look both appropriate and beautiful.

Books Entertainment

Peter Lindbergh: Fashion Photography like never seen before


Known for his significant artistic pictures, Peter Lindbergh is perceived as a standout amongst the most influential contemporary photographers. Considered an innovator in photography, he presented a type of new authenticity by reclassifying the benchmarks of magnificence with immortal pictures. His humanist approach and romanticizing of ladies separates him from other photographers as he benefits from spirit and identity.

Peter Lindbergh’s outstanding pictures have filled in as flashpoints in fashion industry for quite a long time. This new book containing 400+ pages “Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision on Fashion Photography” priced at $70 at, offers an exceptional history of fashion, models, art luminaries and designers, exhibiting the German lensman’s simple, mainly black-and-white style. More than 400 pictures that are incorporated into this luxury collection are separated one after another in order of what his subjects are wearing, beginning with Azzedine Alaïa and ending with Yohji Yamamoto. According to his major surveying at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, Netherlands, this book has unique and game-changing storytelling and it has brought a new idealistic and narrative vision to art and fashion. Over the ages, he has created images that marked the history of photography, characterized by a minimalist tactic of the post-modernist photography.

The genuine stars of the book are Pina Bausch, Tina Turner and Madonna. Lindbergh is credited with introducing the age of the supermodel with his shots of the then-rising stars like Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell.

Raw and seductive at once, we can see how Lindbergh symbolizes monochrome/black-and-white pictures which show redefined standards of beauty by highlighting soul and personality as much as appearances, revealing the grace and sensuality of older women and favouring natural and authentic beauty in an era of universal retouching.

In a declaration to Lindbergh’s renowned status in the fashion world, his pictures are contextualized by analyses from the likes of Nicole Kidman, Jean Paul Gaultier and Grace Coddington. Anna Wintour and Cindy Crawford picked Lindbergh to shoot their first US Vogue cover. Their tributes clarify exactly what makes Lindbergh’s pictures so exceptional and intense.

Glance at some of the astounding images which are included in this desirable collection. Then, decide and buy this book!