Bodybeat Recreational Center Organized ‘Body Makeover Challenge – 2’

Bodybeat Recreational Center, organized Body Makeover Challenge 2 on April 5th 2017 after following the massive success of Body Makeover Challenge held in September 2016. The challenge took place at BBRC and was hosted by Pakistan’s favorite host Anoushey Ashraf.


Body Makeover Challenge is the only platform that brings fitness trainers from various fitness clubs together to compete for a series of challenges. Every participating fitness club gets to present one challenge and its rules. For BMO2, the challenges were from Nasir Inayat Khan from Structure, Torsam Tajik and Nusrat Hidyatullah from 42 Day Challenge, Gennate from Studio X, Muhammad Wasif from BBRC and Mantahaa Tareen.


BBRC is a brand that believes in the best nutritional values. The challenge was supported by Tapal Green Tea and Wheatables who brought their healthy snacks and hot beverages for the contestants Gifts sponsors were Scentsation, and G-Shock. Other sponsors included Garnier.


1 leg plank and Pistal Squat Challenge winner was Rizwaan Noor; trainer at My Gym, Chin Up challenge sponsored by Tapal and Hand Stand Push-up Challenge was won by Ahmed Maddy from Club M and Challenge from 42 Day Challenge was won by Adnan and Waheed respectively. The winners of the challenges were given G-Shock watches and a ticket to Thailand.

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