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We experienced the The Khalis food market held on Sunday the April, 16, 2017 at the Gulberg Galleria Mall. Here we bring to our readers a little about this interesting concept. The market is the brain-child of Asma Shah & Rizwaan Naeem. Concerned with the deteriorating food quality being offered in the markets, both Asma & Rizwaan thought of setting up a wholesale market like a Sunday bazaar where only organic and pure food items would be offered. To encourage the local vendors to put up stalls at the Khalis Market was a big feat but since the demand in the public circles was high, the market became a roaring success.

Rizwaan also explains that it’s a misconception with many that khalis food such as desi ghee and honey, etc add to one’s weight. He tells us that a balanced diet is a combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fat and minerals. So as long as you watch your diet and eat healthy and pure you will feel fitter.

Saadia Waqar of “Organic Delight” was offering home-made chutneys, achaar, organic herbs and salads. She also had on her stall fresh organic drinks such as Kaanji, Aloevera, Strawberry, Almond, etc. The price was between Rs 200-Rs 400.

‘Lahorilicious’, the Artisan Ice-cream offered a wide range of flavours with Chocolate Fudge bar as its most popular item. The ice-cream was home-made, organic, made from real fruit and without any additives or preservatives. The price was Rs 200 per cup.

Another stall was set up by a young girl Haadia and her small brother Yahya. They were offering used books and DVD’s to raise money for the deaf. The prices were between Rs 100-300.

“Roshni” an NGO supplied different types of whole wheat breads such as plain, multigrain and with sesame seeds.

‘Soap Therapy’ by Amina Hassnain offered natural handmade soap and skin care with pure essential oils. Their logo was: “Let nature care for your mind, body & soul.”    Her ingredients comprise of different butters, oils, clays and herbs.

“The Daily Juice” offers cold pressed juices. The 2 basic flavours were ‘Mean Green’ (cucumber, mint, spinach) and ‘Red Kiwi’ (beet -root). The juices are a perfect combination of fruits and veggies. They help detoxify the body, boost metabolism, build blood, and prevent the body against cancer and other diseases.

“Food Coma”, had on its stall a variety of items. There were salads, vegetable koftas, flavoured chocolates (without preservatives and white sugar), oatmeal bars, pistachio dates, chocolate truffles.

The Greek salad had as its primary ingredient fetta cheese and veggies. Calamiri Jam Salad had squids and Moroccan CousCous contained roasted veggies. The prices were nominal between Rs 200-500.

Organic Mineral Porridge believes in the natural philosophy:

“Leave the medicine behind and cure your body pains with nature.” Its price started at Rs 1600 per gram.

“Fruit Tribe” was all about food plants. Owned by Shahriq Naeem who tells us how important are “Sunlight, Regular water & Big Trees.” Tasty, exotic & rare fruit trees are available.

“Herboganic” offers pure coconut oil. It has multiple benefits. It is good for hair, skin, weight reduction, anti- aging, osteoporosis, and eradicates all bacteria, virus, fungus as well as is the best sunscreen and natural body lotion.

“Bio-Hunza” produces GMO free products. The Hunza farms are especially certified in organic food. There is a variety of oils such as flaxseed, sunflower, black cumin, peanut, walnut, apricot, kernel, almond and sesame. Each type of oil has different benefits. A few to name are weight reduction, relieving constipation and diarrohea, lowering cholesterol, boosting immune system, improving skin and hair, controlling blood pressure, acting as under eye cream, preventing depression and anxiety and so on and so forth. It also offers different types of tea such as Rose Petal Kehwa, Wild Olives Tea & Weight Loss Tea. It has similar benefits.

“Delish Pizza Bar” offers “thin crust pizza which is delectable in taste yet de-junked for a healthier twist.” The price ranges from Rs 400 to Rs 1300, depending on the size.

“Lift” by Shaista Shafqat imports a wheat germ oil to firm wrinkles on aging and dry skin.

“Halite” offered all sorts of salt and spices that are home grown and pesticide free.

When one of the vendors was asked how their experience was with the market, she replied, “I’ve had an amazing time with Khalis, and have been exhibiting my products for years now. They are definitely a big reason why my business has grown. Lovely, cooperative people, who believe in my products and draw in the exact crowd my products cater to.”

The Khalis Food Market is also a good platform for meeting new and enterprising people. It’s been 5 years since its inception in 2013 and it has gone a long way coming up each time with a different venue and a new twist. A thoroughly exciting and mouth-watering experience! Three Cheers for The Khalis Food Market & its founders!

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