Hina Butt- Juggling three jobs and looking gorgeous doing it

Hina Butt, MPA & Director of TEENA by Hina Butt, debuted her eponymous womenswear luxury brand in 2010 and the brand has since skyrocketed to great heights due to the exuberance, style and panache that it represents. We sat down with the stylish entrepreneur, politician and the hands on mom to talk about her work, life and her passions.

1. How did you come in this field?

I always had an eye for fashion. Everyone loved what I used to wear as I always used to stand out. While studying at LUMS all my friends wanted me to design clothes for them. Right after my MBA, I knew I wanted to open my business of fashion. I launched my fashion house in 2010. 

2. What is your definition of the term, “fashionista”?

Fashionista is an avid leader and follower of fashion.  For me a fashionista is someone who leads in fashion by bringing out new fashion trends. A fashionista does not need support from brand products to look nice. Sometimes you have it in you. You can be minimalistic but make a fashion statement by mixing and matching.

3. If you had to dress up in another Pakistani designer’s outfit, who would it be?

I personally love Elan. Their outfits are elegant and chic. I also like Karachi based designer Sania Maskatiya- love the way she plays in cuts and prints. 

4. What is your ‘to go’ perfume?

Oud Isphani from Dior is my favourite perfume. I don’t go out of the house without it. It’s an exquisite and mysterious scent and everyone always asks me what perfume I’m wearing. 

5. What is that one shade of lipstick that you always carry in your bag? The one that you think can go with all your designed outfits?

The Spirit by Mac and recently I am loving the new matte lip gloss from Huda called Trendsetter. 

6. What is one difference between your clientele from Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad  (the regional hubs of Pakistan) 

Clientele from Lahore wants to wear whatever is in fashion. The clients from Karachi only like trendy fashionable stuff focusing on cuts and minimalistic work. Clients from Faisalabad want over the top gaudy stuff. 

It’s innovative, bold and unique. Our designs are minimalistic yet luxurious, capturing the individuality and confidence of today’s women. 

8. Who in your view is that one designer that has left a lasting impression on fashion world?

Hands-down Coco Chanel! Her ‘little black dress’ collection of the 1920’s gained universal popularity and greatly helped to move women’s fashion forward. Her uncluttered styles, with their boxy lines and shortened skirts, allowed women to leave their corsets behind and freed them from the fashion shackles of that time. 

9. What differentiates your work from that of other designers in the current fashion scene?

My designs are chic, trendy and fresh. We’re constantly innovating and embracing new trends. For example recently we started tulip pants and scalloped kurtas in fun vibrant colours which sold like hot cakes! I never compromise on quality and try to give my clients gorgeous outfits for the best possible prices.

11: How do you deal with the pressure of being a young mother, an entrepreneur and an MPA? 

It’s all about balancing and work delegation. Sometimes it gets overwhelming but the key to success is hard work and persistence. For my business I have set up a team but I am involved fully in the design and management. In politics the drive is to do something for the country and bring change especially towards Women Empowerment so it’s my passion and it never tires me. My son is my priority and my best friend; my best moments are spent with him. 

12. What does Eid mean to you?

Eid means spending relaxed and happy time with family but I spend some part of Eid with needy people like going to the orphanage and spending time with kids who have no parents. Giving back to the society is the key to happiness. Giving them small gifts for Eid and the smile that brings on their face is irreplaceable. 

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