Girls Trip

Rating 7.3/10

Directed by Malcolm D Lee and written by Erica Rivinoja, Kenya Barris and Tracy Oliver, Girls Trip is an American comedy with a run time of 122 minutes. It hit theatres on the 21st of July 2017. Starring Regina Hall (Ryan Pierce), Queen Latifa (Sasha Franklin), Jadda Pinkett Smith (Lisa Cooper) and Tiffany Haddish (Dina) are four childhood friends who plan to meet up in an effort to reconnect.

The plot centres around four lifelong friends who plan a reunion at New Orleans for the Annual Essence music festival. Together they experience many emotions and undergo many adventures. They do wild things, they party, drink, take wrong decisions and in experiencing all this, their bond of sisterhood and friendship is strengthened. What is different about the film is that the women are black women and not white like the so many other chick flicks that have been shot. The central idea it brings forward is that women can have as much fun as men and it shuns the inequality between the two genders.

It’s pleasantly amusing and sometimes extremely funny with the girls behaving naughty and playing the devil. It is similar to the recent film “Rough Night” which too revolves around a similar theme of childhood friends getting together after a long time but with endings that are poles apart.

Ryan is a successful writer and she seems to have the perfect life with her husband who is also the epitome of perfection but there is something missing! As she gets an opportunity to go to New Orleans she invites her friends Sasha, Lisa and Dina. Sasha is a celebrity gossip blogger who hides her failings behind a happy steely face. Lisa who is a single mom, misses having a love life. Dina was fired from her job because she is unaware of the problems she causes around her. As they reunite they discover things they had never come across before.

The film is a great watch as it focuses on the relationship between the girls more and explores it in detail. With a different theme and a comedy that is classy it is worth a watch!

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