Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan for a Romantic Winter Honeymoon

The season for weddings brings all kinds of things to prepare for and plan for. An exciting part is the honeymoon planning. But one has to keep the expenses in mind! But you know what, your dream getaway doesn’t have to put a huge dent in your wallet.

In Pakistan, you will find an endless number of gorgeous places which are ideal for a romantic getaway. Not only are they beautiful but also quite affordable. Have a look at the 5 most romantic honeymoon destinations in Pakistan especially for winters!

1. Naran, Kaghan Valley

Naran, the largest town in Kaghan valley, is renowned for its scenic viewpoints. From icy lakes, mountain panoramas, verdant greenery to cascading waterfalls, Naran is the ultimate escape for couples.

The honeymoon journey offered by travel companies are mostly one-week long. They involve driving from Islamabad to Shogran and then to Naran, excursions to Ansoo Lake and Saiful Muluk, a trip to Lalazaar Plateau via a jeep and much more!

2. Murree and Galyat

Galyat region is a narrow hill tract around 80 km of Islamabad. If you are a couple looking for a serene yet adventurous place, you won’t go wrong with Murree and Galyat.

The trip will involve hiking tours to the hills, driving through the pretty Nathiagali, excursion to Patriata, enjoying aerial views of Ayubia National Park via a ride on a chairlift and walking the pipeline track in Dunga Gali.

3. Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan

Looking to add a bit of luxury to your holiday? Make a beeline for Skardu. Reaching up to the height of 7,500 ft, Skardu is an enchantingly beautiful destination.

You can easily reach it via a flight from Islamabad.

During your vacation, pay a visit to Deosai Plains, explore the local valleys, spend a day by Satpara Lake and head over to Shangrila.

4. Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir

The bow-shaped valley is known for its blooming flowers, bubbling river, fountains and rolling green hills.

Explore the scenic towns and villages like Arang Kel, Kuttn, Keran, Kel and Sharda. Months from May to October are the best time to visit Neelam Valley. But if the cold does not scare you, even winters can be good.

5. Chitral

Located at the foot of Tirich Mir, the highest peak of Hindukush range, Chitral has a magical air about it.

Its top attractions are Shandur Top (the roof of the world), Garam Chashma and Chitral River. From Chitral, you can travel to Kalash Valley and Bamborat.

You can also take a trip to Lake Saiful Muluk, Swat Valley, Fairy Meadows, Gojal or Hunza Valley. Pakistan’s north offers beauty which is easily comparable to and even surpasses some of the best and most famous mountainous areas anywhere in the world.

So have a safe, lovely and memorable trip!

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