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5 International Vacations


On the off chance that Paris is extremely high-priced for your next trip, here’s a great opportunity to consider a more out of the way trip. Various destinations provide incredible fun and magnificent vacations with cheaper flights, food and hotel stays.

1. Oaxaca, Mexico

Total Cost of a Week for Two: $1,948

Disregard Cabo and Cancun: Mexico’s genuine pearl sits in the foothills of the Sierra Madre. Oaxaca offers the best of everything guests adore about the nation: wonderful hotels, local charm, markets with handcrafted stuff and brilliant nourishment.
Check flight rates on any app such as Hopper. Your stay however will be shoddy. Hotel rooms are down 22% year after year, averaging $78 a night. Trips, nourishment, and knick knacks have likewise turned out to be less demanding on the wallet, because of a drop in the estimation of the Mexican Peso against the Dollar.

2. Hoi An, Vietnam
Total Cost of a Week for Two: $2,684

An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hoi An has roots that can be followed back to a fifteenth century angling port. Today the seaside town, arranged on the Eastern Vietnam Sea, offers both authentic locales and flawless, white-sand shorelines.
Among the numerous amazing destinations in Hoi An is the beautiful Japanese Covered Bridge, worked upon in the sixteenth century. Strolling over the scaffold is free, in spite of the fact that there is a little charge to get to the gallery on the north side of the structure.

3. Siem Reap, Cambodia
Total Cost of a Week for Two: $2,445

Daring travelers will discover stupendous sights in a lavish wilderness setting in this Cambodian social capital. Flights to Siem Reap are down by about 11% this year. Siem Reap likewise has an exuberant road-food scene, particularly during the evening, with merchants that set up in the Old Market close to the Park Hyatt Hotel.

4. Xi’an, China
Total Cost of a Week for Two: $2,828

A lot of Xi’an is a period case: really old and all around safeguarded. The city’s greatest fascination is without a doubt the “Earthenware Army.” An exhibition hall ($22 for grown-ups in high season) simply outside the downtown area takes guests through the historical backdrop of these 8,000 statues uncovered in 1974 after remaining hidden for 2000 years.
Spend an evening investigating the city’s antiquated city dividers ($8 to enter), which stand very nearly 40 feet tall and are the best saved in China. Lease a bicycle close to the South (“Yongning”) Gate and take a relaxed ride over this more than 600-year old structure.

5. Sofia, Bulgaria
Total Cost of a Week for Two: $2,725

Following control by a progression of domains, Sofia is left with a mixed blend of Roman remnants, Ottoman-period mosques, domed chapels and Soviet military landmarks. Similarly, as with numerous European urban communities, both airfare and lodging costs have fallen year after year.
Begin your touring at Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral, which has brilliant arches- a striking image of the city. It was built to show respect to officers who battled for Bulgaria’s freedom during the nineteenth century Russo-Turkish War. The underground historical center at St. Sofia Church holds an ancient necropolis and the remaining parts of four different holy places. Bon Voyage readers!

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Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan for a Romantic Winter Honeymoon


The season for weddings brings all kinds of things to prepare for and plan for. An exciting part is the honeymoon planning. But one has to keep the expenses in mind! But you know what, your dream getaway doesn’t have to put a huge dent in your wallet.

In Pakistan, you will find an endless number of gorgeous places which are ideal for a romantic getaway. Not only are they beautiful but also quite affordable. Have a look at the 5 most romantic honeymoon destinations in Pakistan especially for winters!

1. Naran, Kaghan Valley

Naran, the largest town in Kaghan valley, is renowned for its scenic viewpoints. From icy lakes, mountain panoramas, verdant greenery to cascading waterfalls, Naran is the ultimate escape for couples.

The honeymoon journey offered by travel companies are mostly one-week long. They involve driving from Islamabad to Shogran and then to Naran, excursions to Ansoo Lake and Saiful Muluk, a trip to Lalazaar Plateau via a jeep and much more!

2. Murree and Galyat

Galyat region is a narrow hill tract around 80 km of Islamabad. If you are a couple looking for a serene yet adventurous place, you won’t go wrong with Murree and Galyat.

The trip will involve hiking tours to the hills, driving through the pretty Nathiagali, excursion to Patriata, enjoying aerial views of Ayubia National Park via a ride on a chairlift and walking the pipeline track in Dunga Gali.

3. Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan

Looking to add a bit of luxury to your holiday? Make a beeline for Skardu. Reaching up to the height of 7,500 ft, Skardu is an enchantingly beautiful destination.

You can easily reach it via a flight from Islamabad.

During your vacation, pay a visit to Deosai Plains, explore the local valleys, spend a day by Satpara Lake and head over to Shangrila.

4. Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir

The bow-shaped valley is known for its blooming flowers, bubbling river, fountains and rolling green hills.

Explore the scenic towns and villages like Arang Kel, Kuttn, Keran, Kel and Sharda. Months from May to October are the best time to visit Neelam Valley. But if the cold does not scare you, even winters can be good.

5. Chitral

Located at the foot of Tirich Mir, the highest peak of Hindukush range, Chitral has a magical air about it.

Its top attractions are Shandur Top (the roof of the world), Garam Chashma and Chitral River. From Chitral, you can travel to Kalash Valley and Bamborat.

You can also take a trip to Lake Saiful Muluk, Swat Valley, Fairy Meadows, Gojal or Hunza Valley. Pakistan’s north offers beauty which is easily comparable to and even surpasses some of the best and most famous mountainous areas anywhere in the world.

So have a safe, lovely and memorable trip!

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The Magical Gorakh Hills


It’s not every day that you find places in the wilderness that help you make peace with your existence. It is this very yearning for internal calm which makes people pack their bags and hit the road.

Gorakh Hill is a Hill Station of Sindh, Pakistan, located at an elevation of 6000 Ft. Gorakh Hill is a developing hill station 93-Km away in the north west of Dadu District along with (Khuzdar) Baluchistan border. It is the highest point of Kirthar Mountain Range and a unique adventure point for nature lovers. Gorakh is a gateway for local villagers of Khuzdar Baluchistan, who travel for purchasing food and other life utilities from Wahipandi, a small town at the foot of the mountain range.

The word “Gorakh” literally means “wild”. It is believed that the name was given by a prominent Yogi known as Gorakhnath from the 11th century.The region is barren, with minimal agricultural activities and only native plants in sight. That said, Gorakh has been the epicenter of a great deal of tourism in recent years. Largely, for being the only place in Sindh to receive snowfall in the winters.

It is generally believed that the roads leading to interior Sindh are severely damaged and that the highways also are not well-maintained, leaving people to encounter many potholes and bumps along the way.

How To Get There

Dadu City is the base camp for outside travelers, they can reach Dadu from two different sides one from Indus highway and other from National highway. They can stay in Dadu in local hotels offering only local cuisine. From Dadu, travelers can hire a 4wd jeep for traveling to Gorakh Hill.

Where To Stay

At Gorakh Hill, there’s a small Rest House open for travelers. And they can also camp at Gorakh Hills.


The Gorakh Hill is a rocky area similar to Gilgit areas. In the summer season temperature ranges between a maximum of 25C in day time to 5C at night. Temperatures during winters are well below zero with occasional snow fall.

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Best Destinations to Visit This Winter Season in Pakistan


The four seasons of the year are a blessing of nature for human beings. There are only a handful of countries all over the globe that are able to experience all four seasons and enjoy the various offerings as a result of the changes in weather.

Pakistan is one those countries that is blessed with the opportunity to enjoy all four seasons. Various natural wonders that the country has to offer, enthrall travelers. Winter is upon us and we bring you a list of 8 destinations in Pakistan that are a must visit in the cold season.

1.     Hunza Valley

Referred to as heaven on Earth, Hunza is situated at an approximate distance of 100 kilometers from Gilgit. Hunza is a valley in the region of Gilgit Baltistan and is situated at the North/ West side of the Hunza River. The valley is surrounded by various mountain peaks and provides a stunning view in the winter season when the snow encases these mountains in a white blanket. Cold yes but definitely an experience one needs at least once in a lifetime!

2.       Ziarat Valley

Ziarat valley is located in the Ziarat District, Baluchistan. It is basically a hill station that is located at an altitude of 8000 feet. The valley is home to the world’s second largest Juniper forest with some of its trees being the oldest in the world. A stunning view, which is certainly enchanting, is provided to the travelers when the area is covered with a blanket of snow in the winter season.

3.     Leepa Valley

Located at a distance of 45 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, the Leepa Valley is considered to be one the most stunning wonders that Azad Kashmir has. The valley is surrounded by mountains. The pine trees which cover these mountains provide an attractive pull in the winter season when snow decides to wrap them in its white blanket.

4.       Quetta

The capital city of Baluchistan, which is the largest province of Pakistan. The city is famous for the Pashtun delicacies that comprise of delicious fruits, both dry and fresh. As a result, Quetta is known as the fruit garden of Pakistan. Although it gets pretty cold in the winter season, Quetta offers an alluring sight to the travelers that makes it a must-visit destination.

5.     Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is the only ski resort in Pakistan and is a popular tourist destination where tourists head to in order to enjoy the winter season. It is equipped with various tourist facilities including chair lift, ice-skating rinks and skiing platforms.

6.     Murree

‘Malka e Kohsar’ – Murree is Pakistan’s most famous tourist destination and it is flooded by tourists in winters. It receives good snowfall in the winter season which is its biggest attraction besides being easily accessible and economical. Changla Gali, Dunga Gali, Bara Gali, Pindi Point, Patriata and the iconic Mall Road are the most popular areas of Murree Hills that are covered with a blanket of snow in winters.

7.     Pir Sohawa (Islamabad)

Located at the top of Margalla Hills, this place offers a panoramic view of Islamabad and is home to the original location of the famous restaurant Monal. It is the go-to-resort with a mind-blowing view of the pristine capital city of Pakistan. Winters are especially fun here as it gives you option of fine dining there with best view possible.

8.     Gorakh Hill (Dadu)

Who says Sindh doesn’t have its own hill station? It does actually and all you need to do is to travel to Dadu to witness it. Also known as ‘Murree of Sindh’, Gorakh Hill station lies on the border of Sindh and Baluchistan. It receives minimal snowfall but temperature in winter falls below zero and you find yourself in an icy, cold night!

Cost: You can check the fares of these places on Daewoo’s website if you’re planning to visit by a bus or else the train fares are starting from 2000 to 6000 for these places. Travelling by air becomes a bit boring for these places as you won’t be able to see the beauty of your journey.

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Travelling Modes Within Europe – THE CHEAP WAYS TO TRAVEL


What is the cheapest way to travel Europe- train, plane or car? This guide will help you choose the best transportation for your travel style.

There are different strategies for going around Europe. To enable you to design your trek, we’ve analyzed three of the most prominent choices- train, car and plane. We’ve made a specimen agenda that incorporates probably the most mainstream European goals. We’ve likewise attempted to incorporate the shrouded costs like gas, tolls and air terminal exchanges.


Time versus Money

Many spending voyagers get discovered up on picking without a doubt the least expensive transport alternative, yet you need to recall that your time is likewise profitable. We might bode well to spend an additional 30€ on a plane ticket on the off chance that it spares you 10 hours of travel time contrasted with utilizing the travelling time.

Train Travel in Europe

Europe’s train network is extensive and nearly every town and city are connected by rail. If your train journey is less than six to eight hours, then the train is normally the best choice. There are also many overnight long-distance routes, which can be a good option since you sleep on the train.

Flying in Europe

There are different air transport companies in Europe, so it’s quite simple to discover shoddy airfare between goals. On the off chance that the train travel will take over eight hours, we suggest investigating flying. Flying is regularly the least expensive choice for medium-to long-term travel. Be that as it may, remember to include the additional cost and travel time of getting to the airplane terminal. This can include an additional 8€-25€ and 2+ hours to the trip.

Driving in Europe

Estimating car travel can be somewhat precarious since there are such a large number of factors (and shrouded charges). The most concerning issue emerges if you drop your rental car in an alternate city from where you lifted it up. Car rental organizations frequently charge somewhere in the range of 100€-300€ for this.

In case you’re doing a stupendous European visit, it may bode well to lease a solitary auto for your whole outing so you just get charged a solitary expense for dropping it off in another city (or you can have your outing end in the same city you leased the auto in). Yet, remember that stopping in European urban areas is troublesome, as well as it can get extremely costly. A car is an incredible choice on the off chance that you need to investigate residential areas and the European wide open.

Now coming towards what you can find the cheapest…

Here are 7 ways to criss-cross the continent without breaking the budget:



Budget Airlines

Eurail Pass




Use whatever method works the best for your travel style. There is no easy answer, and you just need to put the time into researching the cost of each option.

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Amazing Places to Visit in Gilgit Baltistan



Gilgit Baltistan was once known as the most self-sufficient area of Pakistan. It was a piece of a huge territory of Kashmir and Jammu in 1800s and later rented to British, then freed after an a freedom movement driven by Gilgit Scouts. Gilgit Baltistan is perhaps the most astounding area of Pakistan as far as its geology is concerned. Here world’s three mightiest mountains: the Karakorum, the Hindukush and the Himalayas meet. The entire Gilgit Baltistan is a heaven for mountain climbers, trekkers and fishermen.

Districts of Gilgit Baltistan

• Astore District
• Diamir District
• Ghanche District
• Ghizar District
• Gilgit District
• Hunza-Nagar District
• Skardu District
• Shigar District
• Kharmag District

The Must-See Places in Gilgit Baltistan

Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows is much-admired for its lovely rich green planes and World’s ninth greatest mountain Nanga Parbat. Fairy Meadows are exceptionally beautiful especially if the sky is clear and it is a full moon night. The cool moonlight reflecting from the immense glorious cold peak reveals the genuine significance of nature’s magnificence and peace.

Phandar Valley

Phandar Valley is located 61 kilometers from the valley of Gupis. A contorting street going through lavish green fields and woods with a viewpoint of streaming waterway and frosty peaks will lead you to this enchanting valley.

Gupis Valley

Gupis Valley is situated around 112 kilometers in west of Gilgit on the bank of River Gilgit, in District Ghizer. The 35 kilometers street between Gahkuch (capital of District Ghizer) and Gupis Valley is loaded with wonderful scenes and amazing views.

Shandur Top

Shandur Top located at an elevation of 12,500 feet above ocean level is well known for having the most remarkable polo ground. It is called the Roof of the World. It is situated in District Ghizer.

Satpara Lake

Satpara Lake is regular lake situated at around 9 kilometers north of Skardu (the capital of Baltistan). Located at an elevation of 2,635 meters the lake is within 20 minutes of jeep drive from Skardu.

Naltar Valley

Naltar is thick pine timberland valley with heavenly scenes, green vegetation, natural life, blossoms, snowy mountains, lakes, streams and reverberating with the chirping of various feathered creatures. Naltar is 40 km from Gilgit city and can be reached by jeeps and furthermore celebrated for skiing exercises in the winter.

Kargah Valley

Kargah is at departure of 10 km from the Gilgit city, a stone divider cut Buddha going back to eighth century AD can be seen here. A waterway streams between mountains and offers astounding views, if you like angling then it is the correct place, as there are loads of trout in the waterway.

Travel Cost for Gilgit Baltistan

PIA charges locals (Pakistanis) about Rs 7800 for economy class and for Economy plus Rs 9500. and for foreigners the cost will be little more about Rs 2000 more from Karachi.

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The sun, the sand and DUBAI


Dubai is a great city to plan your vacation. From shopping to recreation and adventure it offers an experience that is a mix of both the East and West. It is also inexpensive and will not weigh heavily on your pocket. Here is a package that will facilitate your vacation to Dubai!

Dubai Eid Holidays & Attractions $ 549 (05 Nights 06 days) per person

Travel Dates: Mar to Aug 31 2017

Dubai Visa

  • 5 nights 6 days accommodation at 3 star hotel in Dubai valid Mar to Aug 2017
  • Lavish buffet daily breakfast
  • Dubai City Tour
  • Desert Safari, BBQ Dinner, Tandura Dance, Belly dance, Land-cruiser pick & drop
  • Burj Khalifa at the top entrance ticket
  • Abu Dhabi trip and Ferrari world entrance
  • Dhow Cruise dinner
  • Return Airport/hotel transfers in Dubai
  • Travel Dates: Mar to Aug 31 2017, twin sharing basis

Dubai City Tour

Experience Dubai in a double decker bus as it takes you through the most important landmarks such as Jumeirah Beach, Burj Khalifa, Gold Souk and Dubai Musuem. You can go through the Red-historic Dubai (Gold Souk, Old Souk, Dubai Creek, Dubai Musuem and Sheikh Zayed Road) or the Blue-modern Dubai (Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Mosque, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis the Palm, Umm Suqeim Public Beach) the choice is yours! 

Desert Safari

Desert Safari is one thing you cannot go back home and do. It is a must have experience which is breath-taking and exciting adventure in the desert. After departing in the afternoon, you will reach just in time to capture the beautiful sunset. A camera is a must have for making memories. It is also recommended that one should wear comfortable clothes and avoid wearing accessories.

The tour includes a camel ride, sand boarding and henna application on the feet. At night there is a campfire with delicious barbeque and shisha. The most enchanting part is the performance of the belly dancers. After enjoying the ravishing experience guests depart for the hotel at around 9.30p.m.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, is the world’s tallest building with a height of 555m. It has 148 levels and the observatory deck or SKY lounge opens at level 125. It is perhaps Dubai’s most iconic destination. The view from up to below is awesome. You can get a 360 degree view of the city of both the desert and the ocean. Not only this, but you can also shop from here, taking souveniers.

The Burj takes you from the old Dubai to the present day Dubai. The Burj travel is almost 1.5 hours long. However, you can linger for longer before going back. After your journey you will be full of appreciation of this architectural wonder of the world as well as have a deeper understanding of Dubai’s remarkable vision.

Ferrari World

Ferrari World in located in Abu Dhabi, almost an hour and half car ride from Dubai.

Ferrari World is the first indoor Ferrari theme park and a huge attraction. It is a must visit for children and families. The park offers 17 Ferrari inspired rides and attractions. It also has rides for adults. Ferrari World offers an unforgettable experience for all. The park carries the largest Ferrari logo ever created.

A worthwhile experience that must not be missed!

Dhow Cruise Dinner

Cruising down the Dubai Creek is a beautiful experience. When on the cruise you view the fascinating lights of Dubai with music and dance and great Arabic cuisine. On the whole a captivating and enchanting experience that touches the heart and the soul.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah beach is a luxury family oriented beach that offers a diverse range of family activities, leisure facilities and dining options. It is a great holiday experience!

To book your tour or for further information, visit the following link:

Email: [email protected] or Call +971523708685 for booking

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Northern Pakistan- the place to be in summers


Pakistan offers a diverse range of places for tourism. The most scenic and picturesque places are up north. Tourism areas include the Karakoram Mountain Range that you can drive through. It’s a destination that has a lot to offer its visitors. Apart from the glaciers and valleys of the north there are deserts of Balochistan and the coast of Karachi. From the ancient bazaars in Quetta to the rich Mughal heritage found in Lahore, our country is packed with sites for tourists.

This piece is going to talk about the Northern areas as they offer a retreat from the scorching heat of summers in most cities of the countries. Pakistan Tour & Travel offers several packages for travel up north.

Gilgit-Hunza tour couples’ package

The package which includes airfare from Islamabad to Gilgit will cost about Rs 160000. It will include hotel accommodation- a total of 7 days and 6 nights with breakfast. It is for two people.

Places to be visited in the package

Nagar Valley- Hooper glaciers, Attabad Lake, Baltit Fort, Altit Fort, Ganesh Village Hunza, Rakaposhi view sight, Nangaparbat view sight on Karakoram Highway, view of three mountain Ranges on KKH, visit to KADO.

The Nagar valley is situated at an elevation of 2,438m (7,999 feet). The famous Karakoram Highway crosses Nagar, connecting Pakistan to China via the Khunjerab Pass. The road follows the Hunza River for some distance through Nagar and into the Hunza region.

Attabad Lake, Gojal Valley, also known as Gojal Lake, is a lake in Gojal created in January 2010 by a landslide dam. It is breathtakingly beautiful.

A low budget package is being offered by Expedition Pakistan at Rs 22000 per person for a total of 6 days and 5 nights. The package offers a road trip to Hunza, the Fairy Meadows and Attabad Lake. It includes all meals and transport costs.

Travelling in Pakistan is a worthwhile experience. The beauty and awe of the north is superb. Summer is the best time to visit as the cool temperature provides a relief from the heat of Lahore and other regions in the southern Pakistan. Monsoon should be avoided as there is danger of flooding and landslides.

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Indonesia- This Summer’s hotspot for vacation


By Beenish Mahmood

A beautiful country with a rich heritage and tourism, Indonesia falls into the best vacation spots in the world. Indonesia, a Southeast Asian nation is made up of thousands of volcanic islands, is home to hundreds of ethnic groups speaking many different languages. Its known for its beaches, volcanoes, Komodo dragons and jungles sheltering elephants, orangutans and tigers. On the island of Java lies Indonesia’s vibrant, sprawling capital, Jakarta, and the city of Yogyakarta, known for gamelan music and traditional puppetry.

Places not to be missed


Bali is an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. The island is home to religious sites such as Cliffside Uluwatu Temple. To the south, the beachside city of Kuta has lively bars, while Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua are popular resort towns. The island is also known for its yoga and meditation retreats.

The southern tip is also world-renowned for its prime surfing spots such as Padang Padang and Uluwatu. Further inland is Ubud, a hill town known for its spa treatments, yoga and eco-tourism, which may include a trip to a monkey preserve. Ringing the island are coral reefs teeming with sea life, making it a hot spot for scuba diving. You can also get a taste of Balinese culture at a gamelan percussion performance or one of thousands of Hindu temples, which feature intricate sculpture and regular festivals.


Capital of Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia’s massive capital, sits on the northwest coast of the island of Java. A historic mix of cultures – Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European has influenced its architecture, language and cuisine. The old town, Kota Tua, is home to Dutch colonial buildings, Glodok (Jakarta’s Chinatown) and the old port of Sunda Kelapa, where traditional wooden schooners dock.


Malang is a city in East Java, Indonesia. Prized by the Dutch for its mild highland climate, the city retains much of its colonial architecture. The Balai Kota building blends Indonesian and Dutch styles, and grand mansions line the main boulevard, Jalan BesarIjen. North of the city, the Buddhist-Hindu Singosari Temple ruins are a remnant of a medieval kingdom. To the east is Mt Bromo, a volcano with hiking trails.

Weather from July to October

So when to visit this gorgeous country? Peak travel periods include Jul to Aug and mid-Dec to early Jan. The tropical climate is hot and humid all year-round, extremely humid during the rainy season (Oct–Mar) and less so in the dry season (Apr – Sep). Balinese New Year, or “Nyepi”, (dates vary) is observed with 24 hours of silence and fasting. The religious festivals of Galungan and Kalingang (dates vary) are celebrated with dancing, feasts and elaborately decorated bamboo poles. The Bali Arts Festival (June) has traditional dances, music and night markets. Sacred rituals are held at Mt. Bromo for the traditional Tenggerese Hindu festival of Yadnya Kasada.

Visa & Travel Costs

It is not difficult to get visit visa for Indonesia. Although Pakistan does not fall into the visa-free category yet the process has been facilitated to improve relations between the two countries. Pakistanis need a visa to visit Indonesia but the Indonesian embassy has softened the visa stance for Pakistan issuing it visa within 15 days after submission of documents. The visa price is approximately Rs 8000 per person. Visa has to be applied via the Indonesian Embassy in Islamabad.

Thai airways is the best and most economical airline to take. The return ticket comes to about Rs 85000 from Lahore to Jakarta. Prices increase as internal flights are taken.

Hotels & Stay

When it comes to Bali, hotels and stay it is slightly more expensive as it is a tourist spot. Four Seasons, Oberoi, Grand Hayat are a few 5 star hotels available. The city centre (Jakarta) usually has good hotels. The best hotels (5 stars) such as Marriott, Four Seasons and Kempinski are available at an estimated price of US$150 per night. The budget hotels can cost as low as US$ 90. IBIS is a budget hotel that costs as low as US$30 (PKR 3000) per night.

Plan a vacation to Indonesia as it is inexpensive, convenient and worthwhile. A beautiful country with a rich heritage and tourism, Indonesia falls into the best vacation spots available!