Netflix Series: Virgin River

Posted on January 13, 2022 by Beenish Mahmood

Virgin River a Netflix series is a drama cum romance show created by Sue Tenney.

Melinda Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) are the protagonists.

Mel is a midwife and a nurse practicioneer, who moves from the city to a remote Northern Californian town called Virgin River. Mel finds it as an escape from her tragic past.

As she tries to adjust to the country life of Virgin River making her way through the thorns life throws at her, she finally is able to come to terms with the serenity and simplicity of country life.

In Virgin River everybody knows everyone and everything. There are no hidden secrets. Virgin River is like home to one big family. And as Mel realizes this she becomes addicted to the kind of life Virgin River offers. A life of gratitude, courage and loyalty.

Jack too has a rough past. He was a soldier in Iraq and the nightmarish flashbacks of war consume his peace of mind.

As Mel and Jack lock eyes, both bruised by a sad past, the show takes the audience through a roller coaster ride with Jack and Mel having to confront events and truths of life that are harsh and must be dealt with.

Whether or not Jack and Mel will make it together is a question I leave for the viewer to find! Will Mel really get true love at last, given she lost her husband earlier? Will Mel be able to deal with the grief of her past and move on to a new life with Jack? Will both Mel and Jack be able to heal their wounds, leave the past behind and move forward? These questions plague the viewer’s mind, tempting him/her to watch on!

As the show reels on, we find in the sub plot, run many stories the story of Doc Mulllins and Hope, Jack and Charmaine and Preacher and Paige. Each of their stories is a chapter within itself, but I will not spoil the show for you by delving into what the relationships were like.

Just like its name, Virgin River, the place emits an air that is pure and fresh. The relationships that form in this place are true and transparent. The love that exists is honest and loyal and strong enough to endure! And there is no denying the fact, that on the whole, it is a great show! The dialogues are meaningful and the setting has a calming effect on the viewer. The character of Mel, especially is endearing and the crispness of her speech combined with the intellectual wit she possesses makes the viewer want to see more of her and the show!

Indeed, a must watch on your list! So don’t waste time and go straight ahead and tune into the show!

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