Coke Studio brings together Momina Mustehsan and Atif Aslam in slow-jam treat Sajan Das Na, the third song from Season 14, to hash out what fame and relationships mean in our time. 

Duets are expected at Coke Studio, but this one flips a few expectations. In Sajan Das Na, we meet two lovers arguing. Atif throws his hands up, blaming the distance between them on his celebrity. Like a 21st century queen, Momina stands her ground, both plaintively asking “Sweetheart, tell me what I should do?” This is an exchange for an era in which fame is a 24-hour job, and where women can and should expect more of men.  

There’s no mistaking that these characters are megastars from Faraz Sheikh and Alishay Adnan’s styling. Momina’s look is pulled together and in control, Atif’s co-ords send the best kind of chaotic energy. Video Director Kamal Khan plays up the chill between them, setting the two under cold-toned lights in minimal surroundings, with the duo singing to each other but never meeting. 

For all its laments, Sajan Das Na is a party track with Atif Aslam, ATIF ASLAM ladies and gentlemen, going R&B. The visuals are a warning however. Split-spectrum projections shatter shadows into rainbows, showing a split of heart and mind. Production Designer Beenish Umer’s screens blink aimlessly on the floor in a nod to technology; reminding us that romance may be a swipe away but somehow, we remain lonelier than ever. 

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The fourth song from Coke Studio Season 14 will be released on 28th January 2022.

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