Ramadan comes bearing blessings

The month of Ramadan brings with it a fervor and zeal that is unparalleled. It is a month to ask forgiveness for our sins. It is a month of faith, sacrifice and humility. To celebrate the arrival of Ramadan, people throng the bazaars. 

To help the under-privileged sect of the society, the government has offered a subsidized price list of all essential items at the Utility Stores such as ghee, wheat and sugar. The price of Mutton has decreased whereas that of pulses has increased. The price of Haldi and red chillies has increased whilst that of tea remains stable. Maybe the poor can afford some mutton too now. The growing disparity between the rich and poor is breeding frustration. The rich can stop buying mutton for a while!

One opens the fast with the Saudi Kalma khajoor, also called the Mabroom date. The price of Mabroom dates is Rs 500 per half gram and Rs 1900 per gram. The price of regular dates is Rs 299.          

So who is a Muslim? A Muslim is someone who puts his trust in the Al-Mighty. He is a devout servant of God. With a firm faith that nothing happens without the will of God, he kneels before the Almighty. Ramadan gives you the opportunity to mend your ways and to earn God’s favour. God is all Merciful and if you do taubah and repent, He will surely forgive.

Do not waste this precious time. It is a beautiful opportunity to perform good deeds and earn God’s blessings. Pray as much as you can. Read the Quran with translation and refrain from back-biting. Do not be malicious. Be careful of your words and actions.

In short, the month of Ramadan creates a mood and ambiance that purifies the mind, soul, and body. Ramadan is sacred for Muslims. It teaches abstinence and control of the nafs- your desires and impulses. It teaches one to be moderate, to not be stingy but also not to indulge.

Wish you all a Happy Ramadan! Commemorate this month with your loved ones. Keep the promises you made to yourself and the Almighty for a better future.

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