LADIESFUND USA roundtable with Pakistan Consul General to New York

New York:  Pakistan Consul General to NYC Ayesha Ali invited a LADIESFUND USA New York delegation of Pakistani-American dynamic women across sectors for an invigorating roundtable discussion on trade and business development opportunities between Pakistani-American women and Pakistan. The full house was led by LADIESFUND President Tara Uzra Dawood and included Professor Dr. Isma Chaudhry, Chef Haya Emaan Ismail, consultant Shazia Rafi, entrepreneur Sidra Qasim, Google’s Mariam Subjally, infectious diseases specialist Dr. Syra Madad, et al..

“It was a pleasure to host the high-profile delegation of the LADIESFUND comprising women who have done exceptional, impactful work in their very diverse fields and are truly the pride of both Pakistan and the US. We look forward to engaging closely with these women. I particularly appreciate Ms. Tara Uzra Dawood, President of  LADIESFUND, for introducing the delegates and for her noteworthy philanthropic work in Pakistan.,” said Ms Ali.

“We are so grateful to Consul General Ms. Ayesha Ali for her and her consulate’s hospitality and commitment to facilitating Pakistani-American women and appreciating the important role Pakistani women are playing across sectors in the US, and particularly the Tri-State Area,” said Ms. Dawood
The purpose of this delegation was to facilitate Pakistani-American women to help their counterparts in Pakistan by sharing best practices, experiences and strategies for achieving targets in their respective fields, as well as to promote and bring across Pakistani products to the US. The tone of the event was professional friendship-building, networking, and connecting the community back to Pakistan. 

The event was structured as a Roundtable with each delegate sharing her introduction along with needs and leads, followed by a valuable talk by the Consul General, and then group discussion and Q&A.

The invited delegates were representatives of different sectors, ages and years living in the US. Their success in their careers was, however, truly inspirational.
“A huge thanks to Tara for her vision, and advocacy for the vulnerable. I will be honored to support and be a cheerleader for the LADIESFUND,” said Dr. Chaudhry.
“The LADIESFUND brought together a dynamic and talented group of Pakistani American women who are breaking barriers and helping to empower other Pakistani women all around the world. It’s an honor to be part of this group and to help further the cause and support one another,” said Dr. Madad.
“The seeds were sown today by the LADIESFUND to grow a Pakistani-American women’s network in support of one another both here in the tri-state area as well as providing outreach and opportunities to our sisters in Pakistan,” said Ms. Aliya Salamat-Riaz, interior designer, adding, “The LADIESFUND, thank you for organizing an inspired and positive meeting.”
“The LADIESFUND work is inspirational, It was wonderful meeting such amazing Pakistani American women entrepreneurs, thank you for getting us together,” said realtor Dinaz Subjally.

The Roundtable ended with action points to work together to help bring up more women in Pakistan and locally in the Tri-State area as well as to be the foundation for LADIESFUND USA to grow and strengthen as a platform for Pakistani-American women.

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