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Make this Father’s Day count


Father’s Day is just around the corner- this Sunday, June 18, 2017. So we at Brides & You want to bring you a few suggestions of how you can you make your father happy. Every father or father figure in our lives deserves to be praised and appreciated for all the efforts he tirelessly made to keep his children happy and contented.

Father-Son or Father-Daughter T-shirt

Get a T-Shirt printed especially for your father with an interesting logo printed on it such as “You are the best father” or “You always fix everything”, or a simple “I love you Dad.” In Karachi you can have your customized T-Shirts from many places such as

In Lahore Instaprint located in Gulberg of MM Alam Rd can be one option. There will be many available on the internet for other cities.

Say it with a card

Tell your father how wonderful he is by giving it in writing which he can treasure forever. Tell him how you acknowledge all the sacrifices he has made for you and that nobody can be a better father than him. Bring a smile to his face by appreciating him for all his good qualities and for standing by you through the hardships of life. Find quotes on the internet or poems about dads and write them in your card.

A well-thought out present

Give him a nice wallet, a key-ring, a brief-case or a laptop bag. These are all the things he will really need. So you can also get his name inscribed on it. Check out Their outlets are both in Lahore in Y Block Defence and also in Karachi.

Gym Membership

Those of our dads who exercise regularly would love this idea. The best gift would be to cover a month’s gym expenses for him. Get moving and go to your dad’s gym or just try a new one- who knows he might love it even better than his old one. There’s a beautiful pool at

Sehri/ Iftar or Dinner

A Sehri Iftar or Dinner can be booked for you to make your dad feel special this year. For ideas about these, have a look at the piece done on our website about restaurants in Ramzan in Lahore.

A few other things you can throw in are to cook his favourite meal, take him out for a movie at night, spend quality time together or simply go out for dessert. Go and get busy to make it a special day for daddy!

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Fashion Trends 2017


A Must-read Guide for the fashionista!

Fashion trends change rapidly and that what keeps things interesting! Each year brings about its own signature trend that eventually becomes the prevalent style. Let us review the fashion trends that mark the current year.



Mule shoes are in high fashion. Comfortable and classy- it is a must have style for working women. Flat mules, low block-heel mules, heeled mules—mules in all fabrications and colours including velvet, satin, canvas, and embroidered ones have caught the international fashion scene’s attention this year. Designer mules are the perfect go-to shoe for an instantly glamorous uplift and can work well with any piece from long skirts to cropped trousers, a flirty flowing dress or even shalwar kameez!


Sneakers will continue to be extremely popular this year. You can never have too many. Glitter, leopard, and satin updates to sneakers effortlessly dress up a casual outfit and give you a reason to buy multiple pairs. They will lift up any outfit you wear with casual trousers, jeans or tights!


Stripes are the most wearable trend this Summer. Bright, bold, fat or thin, stripes are all over the map. Whether they turn up on playful skirts, fitted blazers or slim pants, the effect is fun and flirtatious. They’re on everything from funky bags to glamorous evening dresses and will get you lots of admiring glances. A favourite of many top designers, both horizontal and vertical stripes were spotted on the runways including Rag and Bone, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler and Adam Selman. They can be a girl’s best friend; especially vertical stripes which help make legs look longer and a slimmer body. Dress the stripes up with heels by night or pair it with trainers during the day. Don’t accessorize too heavily. Cut back on the jewellery – one piece, such as a bracelet or a statement pair of glasses will do.



Corsets had such a huge moment last year, but we don’t see designers continuing this into 2017.


A change is coming in the denim world. Skinny jeans with stretch have reigned supreme for a long time but we anticipate a shift toward contrast denim styles in vintage silhouettes.

High Heels

Heels four to five inches or higher have been a trend that we have seen rapidly decrease. Women nowadays are way more focused on comfort and practicality and value investing in a shoe that is both stylish and comfortable enough to walk or commute in which is why there has been such an increase in demand for sneakers and low block-heels.

Keep up with the latest here at Brides & You Magazine!

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Kill summertime boredom with board games


By Beenish Mahmood

Summers are here and schools are off. It is extremely hot. Children are free and mothers are finding it difficult to keep them entertained. Here are a few board games you can engage your children in. Not only will they stay protected from the horrible weather but the time spent with your children will count as quality family time! So grab the board game that appeals to you the most and play it with your kidz!

Ticket To Ride

This is a cross-country train adventure where players collect cards of various types of train cars that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities in various countries around the world.


Taboo is a word guessing party game. The objective of the game is for a player to have their partners guess the word on the player’s card without using the word itself or five additional words listed on the card.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is a board game in which winning is determined by a player’s ability to answer general knowledge and popular culturequestions. The object of the game is to move around the board by correctly answering trivia questions. 


The board game Pictionary is fun to play with a group of three or more people. The game includes a game board, four playing pieces and category cards, a one minute sand timer and a drawing pad. It is a word guessing game!

There is an endless list of board games to choose from but these are a few of the best. So it is highly recommended to choose from these four! Start now and you will not want to stop playing!

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How cool are moms?? No, seriously. How much willing they are to spread themselves thin, in order to make sure we get the best. We all have been borne to them, cuddled by them, looked up to them, loved them, hated them and late, very late in our lives do we understand them. Or do we really ever can understand how a mother holds you in her arms for the first part of your life and in her heart for the rest.

On this Mother’s day therefore, we have asked our A-listers about their mothers and how would they pay homage to these super stars we call ‘moms’.

Navin Waqar:

The uber talented artist

The one thing I want to say to my mom is “thank you”. For making me who I am today as a person , as a human being; for being an example of strength and kindness and for loving me unconditionally. I am lucky to have you as a mom and proud to be your daughter.

Nilofer Shahid: 

A couturier par excellence


My mother was full of positive energy. I never, even once heard her complain about life. Her generosity of heart transcended her physical beauty. She was compassionate towards others and giving. Not only in terms of materialistic stuff but her love and affection was for everyone that came across her. She understood the pain people were going through and would empathize with them. Her positivity and caring nature, is something I would want to instill in my own children. If there was one thing that I could say to her now is, Mom, I love you and I wish I would have spent more time with you.

Mariam Khwaja: 

Artisan de beaute’


Thank you for being such an amazing human being ! No matter what amount of success has come my way,you are the woman your I dream of being; loved by everyone for the person you are.
The quality I want my kids to inherit from their grandmother is her strength as a person. I never saw her show a moment of weakness all my life. For me, this is the most wonderful trait and  I can’t applaud that enough.

Taufiq Hussain: 

Bringing fantasy to life

“Mom, you are my universe”, the message was simple and heartfelt from Taufiq Hussain, a designer whose unique motifs have garnered accolades from all around during his 14 year long career.

Mehreen Syed: 

CEO IFAP and the Runway Superstar

My mother’s loving and caring nature and her sense of responsibility is what I admire the most. She has been the biggest strength for me during my entire career. Her positivity is what sustained me during the challenging times in my life and her message to me always was simple. Look for the silver lining in every cloud. This is what I attribute my success in life to. If there is one thing that I want my Aman to have from my mother, it’s her love and affection; not only when she grows up and becomes a mother herself but also as a person and as a human being, I wish her to have these qualities. One thing that I wish I could say to her is, I wish I would have understood your love and protectiveness for me earlier. 

So, let’s celebrate the women we call Mothers, not only today, but every day, for the rest of our lives.


Add a touch of class to your home with Sapphire


Sapphire originally launched as a lawn brand has now opened a Sapphire Concept Store. The project is a joint venture of Khadija Shah and Nabeel Abdullah.

The store is located on the second floor of the Packages Mall. It offers clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags and home items particularly bed linen and towels, bathroom sets and cushions. A 15% discount was offered on all the home purchases at the launch.

The event was well attended by the cream of the society. The store is beautifully designed with an immaculate white tiled floor and wooden racks for displaying its items. Everything has a neat and crisp feel to it. 

A bakery “Delish” also by Sapphire was setup in a corner. It offered some delicious desserts, drinks and a variety of other savories. In the center of the store a sitting area was setup to facilitate young mothers as well as aged people. The décor was done by the duo Jehanzeb and Shahbaz. It undoubtedly was fantastic and they deserve credit for it.

On the whole the event was a success! Congrats to the entire Sapphire team for their untiring efforts for making the event triumphant. Special thanks to the PR which was managed by Lotus and Sapphire.

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Mothers Mother’s Day


The significance of a mother is truly understood by those who are deprived of a mother. Mothers are a blessing! They, like a tree stand firm on the ground and provide shade from the scorching sun. Like the roots of a tree they build a strong person and like the shade it provides they shelter their off-springs from the difficulties and harshness of life.

So what can you do to re-pay a fraction of our mothers’ debt? Celebrate Mother’s Day and make her feel special! Following are a few ideas to help you to make your mother feel good.

Made bookings for Mother’s Day yet? Time to give your mother a thoughtful gift to remember.

Creamy Creations

Creamy creations brings you a chance to bring a smile to your mother’s face by ordering their beautiful Mother’s Day packages filled with delicious goodies.

Four packages are available:

Package 1: Rs 7000 which has:

Mother’s Day cake

Three cupcakes

2 nutella puddings

4 chocolate chip cookies

Bunch of flowers

Card for your loved one 

Package 2: Rs 9000 which includes

Mother’s Day cake

4 nutella puddings

4 cupcakes

2 peach cobblers

4 cookies

Bunch of flowers

Customized towels.

Package 3: Rs 13000

Mother’s Day cake

4 nutella puddings

4 cappuccino mousse

2 candy skewers

1 chocolate tree

1 frame with a photo of your loved one

1 customized mug

1 teddy bear

1 customized gift set

Package 4:

Customized basket/tray from our menu beautifully done.

Road Runner

With Mother’s Day around the corner we just have the thing to give your favourite person-our Signature Gift Baskets! For details and bookings contact Road Runner on 0334-1310131.

Contents include a Sapphire shirt piece, Body Shop Products, a picture frame and imported chocolates.


This beautiful platter by Papermint is just the perfect way to prove your love for your amazing mother! A beautiful mirrored tray and a breakfast set, embellished with pearls and fresh pink roses make a perfect gift for the woman who gave birth to you while mouthwatering desserts by Ganache add the right amount of sweetness.

Limited stock call now to pre-book for only Rs 10,000.

These unique and beautiful baskets are a treat to indulge in. So grab yours first before they are all gone!

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Mother’s Day Celebrations


There are many different ways to please your mother but perhaps the best way is to give her a shopping voucher all for herself.

Mother’s Day celebrated worldwide on May 14, every year is a symbol of showing love and gratitude to your mother. What is a mother? A mother is a parent, a cook, a mentor, a friend, a confidante, a teacher and the list is infinite. A mother performs all these tasks without asking for a reward or any kind of appreciation. So in return for all her love, can we not spare a single day to tell her how much we love her?
A mother spends all her money on buying clothes, shoes, toys, books and other wants and desires of all those connected to her. She puts herself aside and spends on her children, spouse, siblings, parents, etc. So what you can do on Mother’s Day is to treat her to a shopping spree!

Here are a few deals that you can avail for your mother:

Mausummery Mother’s Day Celebration upto 50% OFF on Pret and Un-stitched clothing.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Stylo & Enjoy Flat 20% OFF

Stylo is a leading and well-known footwear brand which is offering its services for many years. On this Mother’s Day 2017, Stylo brand unveils the discount Flat 20% OFF on entire products in stores & online. The entire sections of collections are offering for sale such as Summer, Bridal, Stylo, Stylo Kids and Accessories. The featured products of the sale are Slippers, Sandals, Chappal, Shoe Moccs, Pumps, Back Open and Khussa.

Fabrizio Mother’s Day Celebration Flat 20% OFF

Fabrizio is the sub brand of Stylo which is also offering Mother’s Day Sale Flat 20% OFF on entire clothing collections in stores & online. The entire collection of Fabrizio, you can buy from Stylo. The styles of Apparels which are showcasing in stores & online are divided into sections such as Ready to Wear, Woolen Wear, Simply Denim, Lowers, Luxury Pret, Warm Vibes and Scarf.

Clive Shoes Offering Flat 25% OFF on the Celebration of Mother’s Day

Flat 30% OFF Mother’s Day Sale 2017 @ Origins

Celebrated Mother’s Day with Origins and enjoy Flat 30% OFF. Sale is valid on all collections including fresh summer items.
These are a few to help you choose from. So grab the opportunity and offer till it’s valid! Make your mother happy!