You need these 5 essentials at Your Wedding

Posted on June 18, 2016 by Editorial Team Bridesandyou

After all that planning, there are certain things brides say they wish they had at their weddings that you might not think to have, despite your thorough attention to detail.

1. An Extra Pair of Hands

Whether it’s a wedding planner, a day-of go-to gal pal, or even just a designated member of the bridal family to stick close by to your side, it’s common to wish you had an extra pair of hands on cue to help with everything and anything that comes up.
You may want someone to be there to field phone calls that pop up on your phone throughout the day, or to pass along info and changes to vendors before the wedding begins. If you don’t have any extra funds left in your wedding budget, ask a trusty family member or a loyal friend to take on this role for you on the day of your wedding.

2. A Survival Kit

Having a bag of survival items close by will save you or your friends/sisters the hassle of having to drive to a convenience store or raid the hotel for items that are needed throughout the day. Toss together a bag of essentials, like Band-Aids, Advil, safety pins, and even scissors, to bring with you on your wedding day. Store it in the bridal suite and let everyone know that you’re fully stocked and prepared for the last minute emergencies that invite themselves to your wedding day before you head with the ceremony.

3. A Videographer

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We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes, a video is worth even more. Brides usually opt-out of a videographer if they need to find a little extra wiggle room of cash in their wedding budget — and later regret it.

If affording a two person camera crew is out of the question for your wedding day, put friends and family members in charge of filming key wedding moments on their household cameras or iPhones. After the wedding, have them send you those clips and you can put together your own wedding video for free.

4. A Change of Clothes

Even though you spent a couple of hundred thousand on the dress of your dreams, there’s a good chance you’re only going to wear it for fixed hours, or less. A lot of brides desperately wish they had a change of clothes with them on their wedding day.
It gets hot underneath those heavy wedding dresses. Plus, after a day of formalities you may feel a bit uncomfortable in your dress. Whether you’re heading to an after party or just back to the hotel/home for a good night’s sleep, have a change of clothes at the venue that you can slip into when the official wedding is over.

5. A Plate of Food To-Go

One of the main things most wedding guests remember from your big day is how deliciously yummy the food was. But often times, during the night, you may find yourself all over the place and nowhere near your fork or dinner plate.
In order to get a taste of the food you so carefully crafted and picked out, ask the venue ahead of time to prepare a to-go plate for you. That way, you can devour it during idle waiting hours, before going out and greeting guests, or on the car ride home, when you finally have a second to take a deep breath.
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