Planning An Eid Wedding?

Posted on July 5, 2016 by Editorial Team Bridesandyou

Now a days it has become popular to host weddings during the Eid holidays, as three day long holidays prolong the celebration. Hosting your wedding during this period would be advantageous as all your family members will get time to attend it.


Brides who are planning their wedding during the Eid holidays have a lot more work to do. Here are some ideas and suggestions on how to plan a wedding during Eid, what to expect, and how to overcome any mess-ups.

Here are some important tips to make your Eid wedding ceremony perfect:

• Ideally you should host your wedding on the second or third day of Eid, as the first is usually a family reunion day.

• Most importantly, to avoid disappointment inform your guests and send out invitation cards to them early.

• Before the few days of Eid holiday, shopping needs a structured plan. Make a list of the items you need so you can buy everything you need before Eid shopping mania begins.

• High season means high demand. You are probably not the only one getting married during Eid, so make sure you have pre-booked everything: photographer, florist, DJ, beauty salons etc. Remind them two weeks before the date.

• As most businesses will be closed, arrange for your bridal dress to be ready ahead of time, and hang it somewhere safe, away from dust and food.

• If you are hosting your wedding in a hotel or private venue, book a hotel room close to that location. This will ensure that on your wedding day you are not held up in heavy Eid traffic.
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