3 Signs Your Partner Is A Keeper


We’ve been socialized to swoon over flowers, chocolates, and other romantic gestures. But romance only takes a relationship so far. Successful relationships happen when we choose with our heads as well as our hearts. Here are three signs you’re in the right relationship — no flowers and chocolates are necessary!

1. Your partner does things you enjoy that he or she doesn’t.
If your partner does things you and you alone dig, happily and without protest, you’ve struck relationship gold. Why? Because while going to a play or watching every episode of your favorite show might not be their cup of tea, they do it anyway because being with you and seeing your enjoyment matters more than the specific activity.

2. Your partner pitches in to do whatever needs to be done.
There’s no back-talk about how you haven’t tied up and taken out the trash yourself in two months. It may be your turn to do something, but they do it because they can and want to. No waiting turns for things that needs to be done.

3. They stand up for you to their family.
You want to get along with the family who could become your future in-laws. But sometimes that just doesn’t happen. In this situation, a guy or girl who stands up for you is a keeper. They take up differences with you in private but to the outside world, they have your back.

(credits: huffpost weddings)

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