Q & A With Interiors By Amal And Mariam

Posted on August 3, 2016 by Editorial Team Bridesandyou

When did you know a career in interior designing was for you?

Amal: When one of my cousins went to NCA, I found myself extremely intrigued by her assignments and later decided to pursue my professional degree in Interiors at NCA.

Mariam: When I was in my teens, I created a lamp in a planter with money-plant and marble rocks. At that moment I knew my creativity would take me somewhere.

How is your approach different from others in the industry?

Amal: We believe in “less is more”.

Mariam: We like to recycle materials.

Define your design philosophy? Do you have a signature style?

Amal: Our design philosophy is based upon the belief that life inside of one’s personal space should feel good in every sense.

Yes our signature style is clean straight lines, very minimalist.

Mariam : I agree with Amal.

What are the current interior trends?

Amal: More raw finishes paired with completely modern and bold materials.

Mariam:  Metals are really in.

What are your strengths as a team?

Amal: We work well as a team as we bring together innovation, integrity and flexibility.

Mariam: Amal is good with design and I execute the projects.

What advice would you give someone looking to do up their house on a budget?

Amal: Come to us!!

Mariam: Never be ashamed to ask for discounts.

Creating a balance between client demands and your creativity is important. How do you manage that?

Amal: Balance! That’s the key ingredient to a good designer! We give creative interiors to the client that makes them comfortable, happy and satisfied about the money they spent.

Mariam: It’s a skill mastered only with years of experience.

What is the most difficult part of your job? What is the most loved part of your job?

Amal: The most difficult part is dealing with the workers and the most loveable part is seeing the interior come to life from “idea” to real life.

Mariam: I love every part of the job!

Any design rules that you love to break?

Amal: Rules of convention. Love to work on “out of the box” ideas.

Mariam: I love to work on a budget; it brings out  the creativity in me.

Any specific materials you love to work with?

Amal: We love working with natural materials like woods, metals and ceramics as opposed to synthetic ones.

Mariam: I like to work with recovered pieces because I believe in sustainable , environmentally friendly interiors.

What has surprised you in this industry?

Amal: Yes! Borrowed ideas shown as their very OWN!

Mariam: The inability and perhaps unwillingness of designers to convince clients to experiment.

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