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A Closer Look at the Burberry Square Satchel


Artistically crafted in Italy, this structured satchel is made of exotic alligator skin and is a true showstopper. Not only beautifully made and bright in colour, this bag is also extremely functional. With an adjustable calf leather crossbody/shoulder strap, this bag can be sized to fit everyone’s needs. This is key, especially for those who are not on the taller side.

This satchel features a unique buckle closure, which is our favorite detail. It’s so different, and we love the equestrian vibe that is so distinctly Burberry. The bag features one interior slit pocket, as well as an exterior flap pocket with magnetic closure that is hidden when the bag is closed. The front pocket is perfect for storing a cell phone and is large enough to fit a big screen phone. Inside, wewere able to fit a small zip-around wallet, sunglasses, a small cosmetic case, a mini notebook and headphones.

We’re particularly obsessed with this bag for many reasons: it’s stylish in a really cool way without being overly trendy, it’s functional and fits all of the daily necessities, and it’s extremely well-made. Nothing beats a great quality bag. Overall dimensions of the square satchel are 6.5″ x 8.3″ x 3″.

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Egg Cream Microfiber Sheet Mask


A microfiber sheet mask drenched in hydrating and nourishing egg extracts for radiant and plump skin.

This mask features an ultrasoft microfiber sheet drenched in egg extracts, coconut water, niacinamide and other botanical extracts to deliver ultimate hydration, nourishment and enhancing benefits. Coconut water provides hydration and quickly penetrates into skin. Niacinamide and camu camu extract are rich in vitamin C to brighten the overall appearance of skin, while egg extracts nourish. Actives are delivered through a skin-fitting microfiber, which comfortably follows to all facial contours. In as little as 20 minutes, skin appears more visibly radiant and glowy and feels well-hydrated and nourished.

How to use: Remove mask from packaging. Pull mesh off slowly and discard. Gently apply microfiber mask to fit the contours of your face. Press gently with fingertips to spread evenly and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes. Peel off mask and massage remaining serum into face.

Packaging:  This single-use sheet mask comes in a sealed pack. The sheet is made of nylon/micro fiber and it is quite thin and soft, you have to be careful while handling this or you might tear it. The thinness of the sheet helps it hug the contours and fit perfectly on the face.

The sheet is saturated with a creamy milky serum. The texture of the serum is very slimy, similar to an egg white. It is recommended to keep the sheet for 10-20 minutes on the skin.  After the recommended time, the serum mostly gets absorbed into the skin without any greasy or sticky residue. Massage the rest of the serum on the skin post use.

Results: Post using this sheet mask, we definitely see an improvement in the skin immediately. The skin feels firmer and the pores seem shrunk. The skin is left feeling soft and supple and the severity of the dry patches reduces significantly. The skin looks bright and glow-y. Hence, we can say that this mask totally lives up to all its claims. You will love using this mask before a special occasion.

Fragrance:  This sheet mask has a mild floral fresh scent. We are happy that it smells nothing like eggs which would have be a deal breaker for everyone.

Price: $24.00

Overall, we absolutely love this sheet mask. It is great to give your skin some extra pampering. We highly recommend this sheet mask.

Pros of Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask:

·         Moisturizing.

·         Firming.

·         Reduces and tightens up pores.

·         Leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.

·         Reduces dry patches.

·         Leaves skin glow-y and smooth.

·         Thin nylon microfiber sheet fits easily to the shape of the face.

·         Mild scent.

·         Perfect for dry skin.

Cons of Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask:

·         Expensive.

·         Very slimy and messy texture of serum.

·         Not fragrance-free for people with sensitive noses.

You can buy it from several online stores like Sephora, Amazon, Nordstorm etc.

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Big lips are without a doubt the biggest beauty trend right now and as a result, we have seen some completely crazy methods of plumping your lips going around. When we saw the PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System, we thought it looked a little gimmicky, but we wanted to see if it was actually going to be different.

What it is: An anti-aging lip plumping machine that comes with a lip plumping serum. The machine is designed to plump lips, as well as boost collagen to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the long-term. The serum (like a minty, creamy lip balm) should be applied one minute before the machine is used, and then the machine should be pressed firmly against the lips, in six different sections.

What it does: The machine gives the appearance of fuller lips; you just place it on your lips, and over the course of a few minutes, it progressively plumps the lips. It’s super easy to use, you section each lip into three (either side and center) and then let the machine pulse 15 to 20 times on each section, you’ll feel it sucking and releasing.

What we liked: It has two different rubber applications to fit both smaller and bigger lips. It should fit cozily on your lips, so don’t use the big one if you have small lips. The good thing is it’s much more gentle than other lip plumping devices, which we like because it would be almost impossible to damage your lips using this, as long as you stick to the recommended time. We also like that you can target different areas of your lips if you want to. So, if you just wanted a fuller upper lip you can do this, or even if your lips are uneven, you can use this to correct specific areas. It charges super-fast, the battery lasts for ages, and because it’s so light and compact, it’s the kind of thing you can keep in your bag and carry with you if you want to plump your lips for an event or a date.

What we didn’t like: It’s super loud! It’s effective, but it does take quite a long time, and the results take a few minutes to show, so you have to be patient and willing to sit and wait. It’s also quite pricey, so it’s by no means an affordable option for most people.

Price: $139

Available at:

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These Grandma Sandals Are More Comfortable Than Anything Else


Grandmas are known for their baking skills, money-saving secrets and their innate ability to keep us happy and healthy, but stylish shoes? Not always. Until now, that is.

The feet of flat footers lack that elegant crescent shape. Instead the inner soles look like little isosceles triangles, or baby feet. They find almost all shoes mildly uncomfortable. For this reason, they tend to wear clogs, sneakers, sneaker-like boots and the occasional block heel. They don’t wear stilettos, pumps or spikes. In terms of closed-toe shoes, their niche is the sandal. Every flat footer needs a suitable sandal for everyday wear, not unflattering on the feet, and just comfortable enough to warrant skipping the subway in favor of walking.

Charleston Show Co. offers the grandma friendly sandals through both their own site and Amazon. Don’t be dissuaded by the three-star rating and single, curt review: “Sent back. Too small.” It’s worth chasing these down in the right size. Your feet (flat or perfectly arched) will thank you.

The broad, elastic straps cover just enough of your feet to make them look trim and minimize any “side squish.” Four of your five toes and just a hint of your little toe peek out at the front. Walk in them. Run in them. Never take a cab again in them, they really do feel like sneakers.

The $100 price from Charleston Shoe Co for these sandals is worth it.

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Nina Bag by Gabriela Hearst


The Gabriela Hearst Nina Bag first pounced up on the style star circuit back in 2016, and it has sustained to pick up steam and gain purchases ever since, often carried by your favorite celebs and fashion influencers. For us, this bag didn’t generate an immediate “need it, want it, now” reaction, as bags so often do, but slowly this little bag has won our hearts.

Mostly the working women carry their small makeup items and other useful stuff with them. It takes a lot for us to call something unique, or different, but Gabriela Hearst’s Nina bag is just that. It’s unlike anything else in the fashion world right now. The shape, the gold turn-lock hardware and the way the bag opens and closes are all different from current market competitors.

Crafted in beautiful, soft calf leather with rose gold hardware in a shape unlike that of any other bag around, the Nina is a showstopper.

The Gabriela Hearst Nina is available in many colours, but the moss green is very in and the ladies are obsessed with it for fall and winter. While it looks small, it expands when open, and you can easily pack it in with your wallet, a card case, cell phone, sunglasses and a few small miscellaneous items, like a lip-gloss, lipstick, hair clip etc. Inside, the bag features a small pocket with card slots. Overall dimensions are 6″ H x 9″ W and it fully expands to 11″ W when open. While we’re loving this bag, snatching one up won’t be easy! You can’t purchase the bag through traditional sites such as Net-a-Porter, and Bergdorf Goodman, which carry other Gabriela Hearst items, but rather, you’ll have to submit a request through the designer’s website and wait your turn to snatch one up for $1,995. Whoa! And that is some serious commitment, exclusivity, rarity and bag-lust we are talking about here.

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Slow It Body Wash is Back


It’s back! European Wax Center has brought back its cult-favourite ‘Slow It’ Body Wash after years of customer requests. The brand promises that the transformed body wash will help avoid ingrown hairs, calm and nourish skin, and visibly slow the regrowth of hair (it sounds like a miracle gel, right?).

Packaged in a sleek silver bottle, the body wash is a clear gel with white flecks floating throughout it. Rubbing it across your skin, the goop creates a light lather as the drops thoroughly exfoliate dead skin cells without breaking down. It has a subtle citrus scent, which only remains on your skin shortly after you wash it off. And it comprises a blend of nourishing ingredients, like Roman chamomile, aloe vera, and vitamin E to soothe skin, while coffee and citrus extracts revive it.

“During the three phases of hair cycle, this body wash slows the rate of hair growth so there are fewer new hair in the anagen phase [phase of active hair growth],” says Sherry Baker, president of marketing and product development at European Wax Center. “It is designed to precisely delay growth of unwanted hair and helps hair grow back finer and softer in-between waxes, helping to make waxes more effective and less painful.”

But cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson isn’t so sure of the gel’s growth-stunting effects. “Yes, the ingredient blend uses larreadivaricata extract, which generally slows down hair growth and causes hair to be thinner, but a good amount of the ingredient might be washed away after you rinse your body off,” Wilson says.

Sounds too good to be true? You’ll just have to buy up a bottle for yourself to find out, as the Slow It Body Wash is officially back on shelves for $20 per tube.

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Alterna Caviar CC Cream


Alterna Caviar CC Cream 10-in-1 Complete Correction Leave-In Hair Perfecter is an advanced leave-in conditioning treatment for all hair types.

It is a reparative formula that targets and corrects 10 major concerns common to most hair types. Marine caviar and other botanicals increase smoothness, shine, strength and manageability while avoiding UV damage, dryness, breakage, and frizz. Hair is left looking visibly softer with a lightweight hold.

It is ideal for damaged hair concerns. The ingredients used are suitable for every hair type like curly, coarse, normal, fine, coloured or dry hair. Especially with a curly-kinky hair texture, a leave-in conditioner is an absolute must. Your hair needs it like the rest of your body needs water.

The product itself promises to benefit your hair 10 times over, protecting it from heat and UV rays, adding moisture and strength, shielding it from breakage, and making it more manageable, smooth, soft, and shiny while providing a light hold all the while. It’s a long list of stuff, but we promise you, the formula does all of this. You would like to use this especially after washing and deep-conditioning your hair. Squeeze it into your hand and apply it in small sections, so you can make sure all your hair gets some love. You can carry on with your (rather extensive) hair routine as usual, and when you finally have your hair in your desired style, you can’t stop running your fingers through it. Seriously!

Besides working like a dream, this cream also has a clean but strong scent that leaves your hair smelling like you just washed it. It plays nicely with the other products, layering quite well. If your hair is feeling really dry, you would like to also use this as a pre-leave-in along with another one. It sounds extra, but seriously you guys, you don’t need to moisturize for days when you use this as a base.

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Atiqa Odho Top 4 Blushes


Atiqa Odho, the famous actor and celebrity had launched her beauty brand. She is first celebrity who launched her own makeup line in our country.  Let us tell you that she is a qualified makeup and hair artist too and used to do makeup tutorials on our different national channels.

There is a big list with her extraordinary services related to beauty and social activities.  Today, we are going to review her top 4 blush-ons.  She introduced 10 blushers which contain pinks, corals, nudes & naturals.

Blusher shades

Robin: It’s a pure cinnamon colour (it’s a blend of coral and brown) best to enhance your cheek bones, forehead and jawline. Works great for all skin tones.  It’s up to you how you apply this as this colour is quite bold so you should prefer less is more, and yes by the way this is best to shape your face.

Falcon: It’s a soft brown tone blusher, best to enhance your cheeks and gives edgy touch to your apple of cheeks.

Cockatoo: It’s a Natural beige tone blusher, best to blend the contour and blusher part and also gives natural look to your bridge of nose, forehead, jawline and upper lip area.  When you contour your face, this colour plays a positive role to blend and stable the contour and blusher both.  It is best for those who don’tlike Highlighter on their face, best for extreme oily skin, in extreme hot and humid season.

Dove: Again, nude, natural tone blusher with specks of gold & silver. This one will work great to lighten face. YES, it’s a best face Illuminator. When you done with your make up just take a powder brush and apply this all over your face, it works great to give you a light illuminating effect over your face naturally and set the makeup perfectly.

More info…

Brand colour is Metallic RED & Matte Black, which is very eye catchy. It is quite different from our other local brands. It has two 2 compartments. One side is a clear plastic lid, so that product can be seen, other part is holding a mirror and applicator (brush). 

Applicator / Brush: 
It has a Tinny average blusher applicator. Mostly people found this useless. Let us tell you secret of this brush. This brush is best to contour, sculpt or in easy words you can sketch your contouring part with this brush and it blends easily too. Do use a soft hand while you blend your contouring.

Product Texture:
These are Powder blushers, all powder based products have some fall out but it doesn’t mean that the product is NOT good. The extra addition of shimmer makes it so soft. It’s all in your hands how do you handle the products, use applicator on a lighter hand and you can control all fall outs easily.

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Huda Beauty’s Winter Solstice Collection’s All-Frosted Range


So, the winter is coming. Luckily for Huda Beauty fans, that means the unveiling of the icy Winter Solstice collection. The collection, includes four new lip glosses and four new highlighters, with a serious Ice Queen vibe.

First up, highlighters. We are talking jumbo pastel pigments with frosty finishes here. In a series of swatches on three different skin tones, you can see the full effects of the glow, definitely not for the diffident. There’s Frosted Kiss, a frosty shade of baby pink; Arctic Glow, a blueish shade that looks like a refined cold snap on lighter skin tones and almost like a mermaid hue on darker tones; Northern Lights, a surprisingly sunny hue with just the right amount of shimmer; and Winter Rose, a luxuriantly pigmented rose gold that reminds us a bit of curling up by the fire.

Then there are the snow bunny-worthy glosses, which come in balancing shades. There’s Charmed, which looks petal pink on the lightest skin tones and exaggerates to a deeper rose gold on darker tones; Bewitched, a not-for-the-faint-of-heart ice blue shade; Starcrossed, a nude shade with golden yellow undertones; and Hypnotic, which looks like a refined iridescent sheen on lighter tones and straight up purple on darker skin tones. Have a look on the swatches below.

It may still be fall season, but Huda beauty’s (limited-edition!) Winter Solstice collection drops on October 27 at Sephora and

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Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave in Conditioner


This fabulous product Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave-in Conditioner is a unique two-phase formula that combines Argan oil liquid shine and a strengthening protein complex that recovers hair strength, protects against damage and adds exotic shine and moisture.

The plusses:  

·         Strengthening protein complex to defend against damage and heat styling

·         Moisturizes hair, adds exotic shine, detangles and provides protection

·         Refreshes chemically treated hair from inside out

·         Infused with Argan Oil from Morocco

Tips to use:

Use Leave-In conditioner to strengthen and moisturize natural hair while wearing weaves, extensions, braids and other styles. Shake conditioner well before using. Spray throughout damp or dry hair as in the amount you required. Do not rinse. Style as usual.


Every girl needs a best conditioner whether it is a normal to use a conditioner after washing hair, use this leave-in conditioner to make hair look beautiful and to make them tangle free, soft, fluffy and silky. Everyone should first learn about the product first instead of using it right after seeing the ad or at the shop. Every time you want to use a product first look at the ingredients.

What we love about the product:


It contains a lot of silicones. Your hair will love it as they make it look so good. Silicones are a type of emollient. Emollients lubricate our hair fibers making it easier to untangle and comb. They seal in the hairs inner moisture and block out damages.


The consistency makes this product very easy to apply. Like most decent hair care products, water is the primary item listed on this product’s ingredients list. Following water on the ingredient list is Cyclopentasiloxane which is a type of silicone. Whilst some silicones are heavy and leave hair weighed down, Cyclopentasiloxane is a type of silicone which vanishes and will not leave hair weighed down at all. Say hello to fluffy and bouncy hair!


The Creme of Nature Strength and Shine Leave-in contains moisturizing and protein essentials. We love that the proteins it contains are hydrolyzed which makes it better at binding with and filling in cracks along the hair fibers.

4.      SHINE

It makes your hair shiny. That is all. Shiny hair minus grease and tackiness.