Generating The In-Love High

By Sadia Salman

CEO, Diet by Design, Sadia Salman not only provides health and nutrition services but offers life altering diet meals which have helped over 3500 clients to lose weight and become healthy. Certified from Tufts University, Boston, USA, she has applied her knowledge and passion to build healthy communities in Pakistan. Featured in over 25 TV shows and numerous publications to her credit, she gives advice on all areas of health and fitness.

Do you remember the feeling when you were in love? Do you want to feel that ‘in-love high’ all the time? Guess what? You can do it, if you keep on reading.

Some hormones and neurotransmitters are responsible for that feeling and you can control them by following these simple steps even if you are genetically more inclined towards negativity.

Let Dopamine flow: It controls brain’s reward system. When you are praised, your system hits you with dopamine and the body feels joy. Realistically plan your work and life so you can have a constant hit of dopamine as you keep achieving your goals. Listen to music.

Sweat out Serotonin: The most effective and natural way to boost serotonin is by exercising daily; that is one reason a brisk walk does wonders for your mood. Carbs help with serotonin so eat healthy carbs such as dense whole-grain bread or quinoa to stay happy.

Don’t stress out the Oxytocin:  It is the love hormone, but stress kills it. Spending time with loved ones and being kind to others stimulates oxytocin. Give someone you love a hug.Manage stress and oxytocin will reward you with pleasure.

Don’t smoke out Estrogen: Estrogen decreases with menopause, and lifestyle factors such as smoking and extreme exercise can also lower it. It is responsible for making Serotonin so keep it flowing by yoga, meditation or simply taking a hot bath.

Dream on with Progesterone: The hormone helps you to sleep well and prevents anxiety, irritability and mood swings. Unhealthy food and age decreases it so avoid saturated fat and sugar, get regular physicals and avoid stress.

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