Have Your Pick: 9 Amazing Pedicure Tools To Use Before a Wedding

Posted on June 1, 2016 by Injila Baqir Zeeshan

Electronic Pedicure Foot File and Callus Remover

Nail artist Tracylee recommends using this electronic foot file first on dry skin to remove most of the dead skin on your feet. Then, take it into the bath, shower, or during a foot soak and use it again once the skin has softened. “Apply moisturizer immediately after, so it can absorb while the pores are open,” she says.

A Sweet Tea Foot Soak Set

While you’re soaking your feet, make the experience infinitely more enjoyable with a foot soak. This one includes five tea bags that you steep in your tub while relaxing your feet. The Magnolia iteration is a favorite.

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation Kit

A Clarisonic for your feet? Oh, yeah, it exists. It comes with a wet/dry buffing brush head, pedi smoothing disk, and a corresponding scrub, wash, and oil to keep feet super smooth.

Morgan Taylor Renewing Cuticle Oil

Other than polishing them, we tend to forget about our toenails. But they can get dehydrated, which leads to cracking. Not a pretty look. Tracylee says to apply an oil—we like Morgan Taylor’s—to your toes and cuticles daily.

Kiesque Liquid Palisade Easy-Peel Polish Barrier

Not a skilled pedi painter? This fast-drying liquid nail tape will keep your polish where it’s supposed to be—on your nails. It also protects your cuticles from polish.

JinSoon Top Gloss

To keep your pedi looking fresh, celebrity manicurist Skyy Hadley says, “a clear top coat is your best friend. Be sure to apply one on the third day of your pedicure.”

Pedi Couture On-the-Go Pedicure Sandal

Once you’ve successfully cleaned, buffed, filed, and polished, wear these pedi flip-flops to run errands or chill around your pad. They come with toe separators, because, in the sage words of the Offspring, you got to keep ‘em separated until your pedicure is totally dry.

Priti Soy Nail Polish Remover Wipes

No matter how fantastically your pedi holds up, Tracylee says to give it the boot after two weeks. “Some people tend to go way too long before changing their polish,” she notes. “Polish, itself, is very drying.” To avoid having it crack and chip off, remove it and then go polish-free once in a while to give your toes a break. To take off your polish and soak your feet with essential oils, she likes to use these remover wipes.

Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation Peel for Feet

If a professional pedicure is not in your immediate future but your heels have had it, this foot peel is gross, but effective. It contains a powerful dose of glycolic acid that will smooth calluses you’ve had for what feels like all your life. Your feet will never have felt more incredible. But consider this a fair warning: They will molt in a snake-like manner for about a week. Meaning, you’re going to shed off sheets and sheets of dead skin. So give yourself enough recovery time before any big events.

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