4 Awkward Situations Social Media Can Cause for Wedding Couples

Social media has no doubt helped millions around the world to connect with people, followers and more. However, it can create awkward situations for wedding couples many a times. Social media etiquettes should be followed and here’s a list of 4 situations that could possibly go very wrong:

1) Some people feel elated as their closest friend or siblings are getting married and hence overwhelmingly decide to announce the big news on every social networking website, staying ahead of the bride and the groom. The soon-to-wed still have not finished informing a majority of their near and dear ones. In such situations, the soon-to-wed couple might get upset as people will be expecting them to announce the news.

2) The bride is trying out bridal outfits during shopping and someone Instagrams couple of them. Later, she selects one of the outfits that has already been uploaded! Nearly all the followers will have seen her bridal wear and this would not be a great experience for the bride. She’ll at the end, choose another dress that was her second choice or a third one that hasn’t been uploaded on instagram.

3) Be careful before asking a wedding related question to the couple on their social media page. The wedding could be under the radar following series of comments from friends who are surprised to know that the person is getting married.

4) You were at the wedding but didn’t greet or meet the wedding couple. Why? Because you were just too busy tweeting updates or uploading your pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Such a shame.

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