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Dedication, creativity and professionalism- these are the three components that made Sundus Mustafa flourish in the demanding world of event management. Her business started when she used to plan her daughter’s birthday parties and the outstanding décor caught the attention of family and friends. After their persuasion and requests to set up her own shop, Sundus decided to make a name for herself and named her company Whimsical Parties.

Within a short time, her business grew vastly and today, Whimsical Parties is highly sought after for organizing wedding ceremonies, parties and corporate events. She has an inborn flair for event managing. As this interview was being conducted, Sundus was designing a floral pattern on a sketchbook that she could later use for developing a theme for an event. Even though her formal training was by herself only, she strengthened her work by completing a degree at finishing school in Switzerland and then in New York.

From designing exquisite wedding invitations to arranging birthday parties, corporate events, window displays and favour boxes, she does it all. From outstanding customer service to creating phenomenal events Sundus Mustafa not only meets her clients’ needs but fulfills a passion, love, and a hobby of creating something purely magical. Here are eight reasons why you should consider Whimsical Parties for the upcoming wedding season:

1. Works within a budget

Whimsical Parties is known for creating dreams within a budget. “In fact, that is the first question we ask our clients, how much are they willing to spend and then work around that,” says Sundus. They aim to cater to all budgets.

2. Extremely creative and involved

Creativity is what makes Whimsical Parties truly unique. Each event has a distinct feature catering to the theme of the event. From the use of flamingo sculptures to Buddha Bars and taking inspiration from Roman Architecture, Sundus has done it all. She believes that creativity has no boundaries and each time there is an event she creates something different and spectacular, giving attention to the finest details.

3. Customizes according to client preferences

Sundus believes that understanding a client is one of the most important things in the event management industry. Getting into the mind of the client makes it easier for her to comprehend what exactly they want and then put her heart into creating it.Being a true master at the skill- she makes sure she exceeds expectations every time.

4. Offers the best quality

Being a giant in the competitive world of event management, is no simple task. The fine quality and attention to every minor detail of Whimsical Parties is what attracts potential clients. Quality on flower arrangement, products, items etc is never compromised.

5. Great team to work with

Her team comprises of talented workers. “I am blessed to have a great team and have learnt a lot from them.”

There are times when this team is working continuously for days but the passion never dies. The skilled team is ready to go an extra mile for the clients.

6. Most items are skillfully handcrafted

At every wedding, Sundus and her client come up with a unique theme. Once the theme and concept is clear, she and her team start working on the finer details that makes the ceremony all the more beautiful. Items like sculptures are mostly designed and crafted from scratch for example at a recent wedding the theme was Buddha Bar and a humongous Buddha Sculpture took months to craft. The result was a real-life, astonishing monument which depicted Sundus’s incredible artistry. Other ready to pick items are imported from America and China.

7. Positive clients’ feedback

Today, being an event manager is no easy task- clients could be demanding and fussy over décor but her clients are like her second family. They trust her judgment, her creativity and they know that at the end of the day she is going to do an outstanding job and make their event truly memorable. “She transforms the wedding arena into something truly royal and magical.” says one client.

8. Delivers what she promises

Sundus manages her deadlines like a true professional. Delivering exactly what is promised to the clients is what sets her apart from competitors. It is no surprise that Sundus has become immensely popular, due to her excellent time management skills and splendid project quality.

We at Brides & You highly recommend Whimsical Parties for the upcoming wedding season and wish Sundus Mustafa and her time team a big good luck!

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