Nail Trends For Spring/Summer 2017

As we welcome spring, all the fashion and beauty trends will have something new to follow. While everyone is planning to replenish their spring/summer wardrobe, it is time to update your manicure as well.  This time of the year, both soft as well as vibrant nail colours will be marking their way. Here are some of the new trends to try this season.

Vibrant/Funky Nails:

As spring is all about fluorescent colours, a lot of vibrant, funky nail colours will be making up a trend.

Barely there:

As it’s going be really hot and humid a tint of soft colours would be perfect for a day time look. Soft nude pink and beige nails! Rose gold nails! All white looks chic!

Manicure styles:

From the basic manicure this time in Spring a lot of vibrant colours or matte metallics are paired up with glitter and can be used instead of the typical pink and white nail colour. You can add it at the tips or at the cuticles as the basic style or with nail art done.

Ombre Nails:

This is something very new for the nails. The style would be the same as it is done on the hair. It is a bit tough to do at home unless you are pro at nail art, but would definitely be a must try this season with both soft and electric colours.

Metallic Nails:

These shiny nails are also known as mirrored nails for the fact the sheen which comes with the colour. This trend came up in winters but will for sure continue this Spring/Summer season. As the name says, Metallic has a range of colours from silver, gold, copper, zinc etc. You can even pick up any colour of your choice and get it done with a metallic sheen. We recommend this for an evening party look!

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