Café Barbera: A must try for Lahori Foodies

Posted on March 20, 2017 by Editorial Team Bridesandyou

By Ifra Abbas

Café Barbera is an international chain which came into being in 1870, in Southern Italy where the owner, Domenico Barbera served fresh roasted coffee daily. Gradually many franchises were established in various countries. It started off as an Italian coffee house having the world’s finest Italian roasted coffee beans hand-brewed and artfully blended to their very own special recipe.

Having its master franchise in Pakistan, it opened almost three years ago in Lahore and became well known for the good quality and taste of food offered. One enters into soft background music with dim lights of the cafe. A rich bright red décor that blends perfectly with this, gives the café a soothing and relaxing ambiance. The café can hold up to 80-90 people at one time and the seating arrangement is done in a way which does not make it not look congested.

Their menu features Italian-inspired salads, sandwiches, pasta, burgers, sea-food, and beverages. Their unique roasted Italian coffee is a must try! A vast range of menu makes it a one stop for all!

The cafe serves fresh, unsweetened juice! They have the most delicious, mock tails available which are perfect for a start to your main course or to beat the heat in the upcoming hot, humid summers!

Goat Cheese Salad:

They have a variety of new salad options introduced. We tried the goat cheese salad and for all those who are on a low fat diet or like to have farm fresh salads this is the perfect option. Fresh lettuce, aromatic herbs, olives, vinegar, mustard, goat cheese and captivating Spanish dressing makes it all worth it!

Chilli Bean Soup:

This tomato based soup is our all time favourite at Cafe Barbera. It comes packed with chicken mince and red beans. The taste is absolutely perfect! Not too spicy, it is just the right amount of tangy and added with some bread it can even be as fulfilling as an entire meal!

Ecstasy of Cheesy Pollo:

A cheesy heaven on earth! This burger sets itself apart from all others with its tender, juicy mince meat patty. It has that homemade burger touch with an Italian twist! The thick succulent mince meat patty was just the right amount of spices mixed with three different kinds of cheese and jalapenos. It was served with fresh coleslaw and exotic, fiery homemade chilli sauce! The hot, tender basket of fries was just a cherry on the top! Thumbs up for unique taste and tempting presentation!

Succulent Chicken with Florentine Pasta:

This turned out to be the most amazing combination of chicken and green Florentine pasta I have ever tasted! The chicken was grilled to perfection with olive oil and garnished with black and green olives, multi capsicum and sun dried tomatoes in this spinach cream pasta. This seemed perfect for people who do not appreciate very spicy food.

Oreo Latte Shake:

The yummy Oreo shake will tantalize your taste buds as it is not an ordinary shake- it has shots of espresso blended together with rich Oreo crunch, ice cream and topped with dense whipped cream.

Fredduccino’s Caramel:

This heavenly shake tops our list with its creamy, refreshing frap style espresso perfectly blended with milk, natural caramel syrup and ice.

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