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Wondrous Benefits of Walnut


Walnuts are a rich source of good fats, vitamins, proteins and other nutrients. From lowering the risks of heart diseases and certain types of cancer, boosting digestion and metabolism to improving brain health, vision, immune system and mood, this nut does it all. But did you know, walnuts also help to boost your skin’s texture and in getting rid of all skin impurities easily and efficiently? Get your hands on walnut face scrub to reduce dullness of the skin, and add natural glow and softness to it. Here’s why you should add walnut in your diet and beauty regimen:

1.      Keeps signs of ageing at bay

Walnuts are rich in antioxidants, which help in skin regeneration and elasticity. These antioxidants boost collagen production and cell repair, thereby toning the skin and keeping signs of ageing far away. Be it fine lines, wrinkles or age spots, now you can say them goodbye. Eat walnuts or use walnut oil on your face every day and see the stunning difference.

2.      Walnut oil treats skin infections

While the dry fruit is good for making skin look beautiful and radiant, its oil takes care of skin infections. Known for its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, walnut oil even cures skin problems like athlete’s foot, psoriasis and candida. In fact, mixing the oil with other natural anti-fungal ingredients, like garlic, speeds up the healing process.

3.      Makes skin healthy and glow

Walnuts have chemical properties which boost blood circulation, thus bringing oxygen and nutrients to each and every cell. The circulation of blood helps skin to glow naturally. Having three to four walnuts a day (maybe during snack time) will help your skin regain that healthy glow.

4.      Strengthens hair

Walnut oil is often added as an essential ingredient in different hair care products. This is because walnut has the potential of making hair black and glossy. It contains an essential nutrient, biotin, which makes hair strong and voluminous, while the proteins in walnuts help in strengthening roots of the hair. Regular usage of walnut oil, or consumption of walnuts can make your hair strong and beautiful.

5.      Fights skin damage

Apart from fighting signs of ageing and offering you glowing skin, walnuts can boost your skin’s overall health. They are rich in vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that protects the skin against sun damage. Also, walnuts are a rich source of healthy omega 3 fats, which help in strengthening skin cells, locking in moisture and keeping the toxins out. The proteins in this nut boost bone development and help in supporting collagen production in your body.


How to know which hairbrush is right for your hair


Do you know that one of the key reasons for hair fall and breakage could be your hairbrush? No matter how many different oils or hair masks you try, using the wrong hairbrush for your hair type can cause more damage than you think. Here’s how you can decide which hairbrush to use for your precious locks:

Paddle brush

This all-rounder brush is best for straight hair. It helps to remove all the tangles with ease and provides a cushion, gathers hair and smoothes out easily. It is also good for thick hair, and when it comes to long hair, this brush makes the task easier with the extra surface on the brush.

Wide-tooth comb

Stay clear of using any other brush if you have curly hair, as it can alter the pattern of your curls and even cause breakage. Instead, you should use a wide-tooth comb; it would help to define the curls and is also perfect for wet hair to detangle.

Oval brush

If you have fine and thin hair then this brush is perfect for your hair type. The rubber surface will not be harsh on your hair and the brush would help to detangle them without any breakage.

Tease brush

This brush is all about backcombing and teasing your hair while styling. It helps add more height to hair, making it look voluminous. From crown puff to bun and hair at the nape of your neck, this brush can be used to give the illusion of having thicker, healthier hair.

Metal round brush

This salon-favourite brush is the perfect choice for giving your hair more bounce and volume. It can be used on straight hair for styling, as well. When used with a blow dryer, the barrel heats and acts like a curler or straightener. However, using this brush requires a lot of practice and expertise. If used incorrectly, it can tangle the hair very badly.

Looped bristle brush

This hairbrush features looped bristles which smoothly slide on the hair. It is used for hair extensions and wigs, as it doesn’t pull and damage the tresses. Also, if you have a sensitive scalp, this tool is what you should go for, as it is really easy on the scalp.


Got sensitive skin? Here’s how to remove make-up


Having sensitive skin means a bit of extra effort in your skincare and make-up routine. You must use products that are suitable for sensitive skin and won’t lead to breakouts and irritation. There is nothing that can replace natural ingredients. Removing make-up using chemically loaded products will only leave you with dry, irritated skin. Here are ways to make natural make-up removers at home.

1. Oil Remover

Mix olive oil with coconut oil or a mix of any other facial oil that suits your skin. Soak in a few balls of cotton and use it as required. You can keep the jar in the fridge for a cooling effect.

2. Milk Remover

Plain milk can be just as powerful a make-up remover. All you need to do is dip cotton balls in it and wipe your face with it. It will clean your face and leave it moisturized. Use cold milk if possible, as it will refresh your skin right away after a long day.

3. Baking soda and honey

Mix baking soda with honey and a little bit of water till it forms a thin paste. Dip cotton or clean cloth and wipe away your makeup.

4. Steam

If you have enough time, use steam to remove make-up from your skin. It is effective in cleaning the pores, too and has many other benefits. However, taking too much steam isn’t advisable as it will open up your pores unnecessarily.

5. Shea Butter

Melted shea butter works as an excellent make-up remover. Leaving you with moisturized skin, shea butter has a lot of skin benefits, as well.


15 Amazing Tips Home Remedies to Become Fair in a Natural Way Say bye-bye to all fairness creams


Most of the women here, want to look fair and desire a flawless skin. There are many fairness creams available that will lighten your complexion temporarily. However, they use harsh chemicals that may damage your skin in the long run. If you want fair and glowing skin, it is best to opt for safe home remedies that will have the same effects.

Your skin naturally produces a pigment called melanin that gives it its colour. External factors, like sun exposure, can enhance melanin production, causing your skin to develop a tan. It is very difficult to change the amount of melanin naturally present in your skin. However, you can always get rid of the sun tan and pigmentation caused by overexposure to the sun, stress, and neglect by using home remedies.

A disciplined approach to skin care can give you the healthy and glowing complexion you have always desired. Include the following remedies for fair skin in your routine, and you will be more than happy with the results in no time. Here are the remedies:

1. Lemon is known to be a superior bleaching agent and scrubbing about half a lemon on your face regularly will help lighten your skin tone. This is one of the simplest yet effective home remedies for fair skin.

2. The juice of a potato can be squeezed and applied to your face; do it regularly and you will notice a gradual change.

3. Apply the pulp of a mashed tomato on your skin; not only will it lighten your skin tone but it will give it a pink glow too.

4. Mix equal quantities of honey and lemon juice and apply it on your skin.

5. Another great natural way to get fair skin is to mix a tiny amount of cinnamon with about half a teaspoon of honey and apply it on your face.

6. If you have oily skin and want to lighten its tone, then applying a mixture of cucumber and lemon juice on it works wonders.

7. Curd is rich in lactic and zinc acid, both of which have natural skin lightening properties.

8. If you want to lighten scars on your skin then applying fresh coconut water on them really works.

9. A tiny amount of saffron mixed with olive oil is a great natural remedy to make your skin fair.

10. An effective fairness mask: mix a spoonful each of almond oil, lemon juice and milk powder. Apply the mask on your skin and let it sit for about 15 minutes before you wash it off.

11. If you have dry skin and want to lighten its tone, applying a mixture of honey and cucumber juice on it will make it fairer.

12. Another great way to get fair skin naturally is to apply the white of an egg on your face at least twice a week.

13. Skin lightening face pack: make a mixture of tomato, curd and oatmeal and apply it on your face.

14. Take a ripe tomato, mash it and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Apply it and watch your skin tone lighten gradually.

15. Another great way to make oily skin fair is to apply a mixture of milk powder, papaya, honey and liquid milk to your face.


Freeman Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask


Every day going out for job or studies and facing the harsh weather can affect your skin which in return requires special attention. Many girls get confused about which products to use. Today we are going to share one mask which has become our instant favorite called Freeman Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask. Let us tell you why we love it.

Product description

Dazzling skin is a girl’s best friend! The delightfully indulgent mask with Sparkleberry Extract helps fight off environmental assaults to enhance skin’s look and feel over time. Dazzling Diamond Dust flecks glisten as you wear this clarifying clay mask plus, they polish away dullness to reveal multi-faceted radiance!

Key Ingredients

·         Diamond Dust

·         Sparkleberry

·         Kaolin Clay

Our Thought

This mask comes in a white squeezable tube with dark grey flip cap. It has thick creamy texture with white gritty polishing beads. The particles are not very harsh and if you do not want to polish or exfoliate, you can simply wash the mask after few minutes. The description suggests that these particles are diamond dust which looks sparkly on face which sounds quite interesting. It has light refreshing smell which is not strong or bothering.

This mask boosts brilliance and radiance which we all need for this season as in winters skin becomes dull and dry. The sparkleberry in this mask improves skin texture and fights environmental assaults. It is not exactly clay mask but still includes kaolin clay suitable to make skin soft and smooth. The diamond dust polishes and remove dead skin. It can work as mask and exfoliator at one time and should be used not more than twice a week.

It will not dry on skin and you need only 5 to 7 minutes. While washing, exfoliate it on skin focusing on areas which need polishing. Do not rub too vigorously on sensitive areas and avoid eye area. You will notice instant difference after washing it. It removes dry patches and brightens dull skin. It improves the discoloration caused due to dryness and harsh environment. The skin will become soft, smooth and visibly brighter. It doesn’t dry out skin while cleaning other impurities.

In Favor

·         Nice texture and smell

·         Have diamond dust for polishing

·         Polishing beads are not too harsh

·         Quick, easy to wash away mask

·         Make skin soft and smooth

·         Improves skin texture and uneven skin tone

·         Exfoliate dead and dull skin

·         Cleans skin from oil and other impurities

·         Doesn’t dry out skin

Not in Favor

·         Sensitive skin might find polishing beads a little harsh

This mask is priced PKR325 and is available on


The Best Shampoos Conditioners For Every Hair Type


For An Itchy Scalp

If your skin is dry, there’s a good chance your scalp is, too. This quenching blend of coconut and shea butter soothes flaky patches after just one use.

Dove Dryness & Itch Relief Shampoo & Conditioner, $5 each,

For UV Protection

Living in an environment prone to pollution can wreak havoc on hair. This shampoo and conditioner helps purify and shields strands from the damaging effects of urban elements.

Nexxus City Shield Shampoo, $12.99 & Conditioner, $18,

For Strengthening

Tresses feel silky smooth (and appear extra shiny) thanks to a highly moisturizing blend of essential oils like bergamot, coconut, and vanilla in this wash and rinse duo. Oh, and did we mention the scent is like the beach in a bottle?

Kusco-Murphy Beach Wash and Rinse, $36,

For Everyday use

You can’t help but love the gentle cleansing and conditioning of these champagne-spiked formulas, not to mention the delicious fig-inspired scent.

Cuvée Beauty Shampoo, $35, and Conditioner, $38,

For Dull Hair

This shampoo and conditioner set is spiked with purifying apple cider vinegar to leave all hair types impeccably glossy.

René Furterer Lumicia Shampoo, $22, and Conditioner, $24 each,

For Dry Hair

If your hair is chemically straightened, over-dyed, or just drier than dry, these products soak your hair in strand-healing moisture.

Ouai Repair Shampoo, $35, and Conditioner, $32,

For Color-Treated Hair

Not only does this duo help lock-in your dye job, but it makes your hair look healthier and shinier with every wash.

Shu Uemura Color Lustre Brilliant Glaze Shampoo, $48, and Conditioner, $58,


6 Bad Skin Care Habits You Need to Break Before You Turn 30


Some habits are bad for you – and you know it. Like not brushing your teeth, smoking, not flossing and spending more time on your couch than at the gym. As far as skin is concerned, habits that seem like they’d be good for your complexion, like applying SPF every morning, might not be enough to counteract time and gravity. Here, what’s damaging your skin without you even realizing it. Fix them, and you set yourself up for gorgeous, glowing skin through your 30s and beyond.

1. Falling asleep with your makeup on

It’s a universal beauty truth: Sleep is great for your skin, since overnight is when your skin cells get a chance to repair the day’s damage. Not only can makeup potentially clog your pores, but it can also make matters worse if you happen to have sensitive or easily irritated skin.

2. Applying sunscreen only once during the day

Sunscreen only lasts for two hours. By the time you run out to grab lunch or hop in the car for your home, its protective effects have worn off – but the UV rays are still going strong. That’s why it’s essential to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day.

3. Not exfoliating on a regular basis

“As your skin ages, dead skin cells quickly accumulate on the surface,” says Dr. Tim Falla, VP of Research and Development at Rodan Fields. “You must clear off dead skin cells first to give the products that follow an opportunity to be effective.” For the best results, your safe bet is to take a multi-pronged approach to exfoliation and exfoliate your face once in a week.

4. Staying up past your bedtime

If you’re burning the midnight oil, you’re not only sacrificing an energy reboot, but also your skin’s health. As we mentioned, your cells are no longer dealing with everything that’s assaulting it during the day, think ultraviolet radiation, pollution, and the everyday grime and grease – so it can finally prioritize taking care of itself. If you skip it, though, you miss out on the results of that repair, like enhanced radiance and firmer skin – and your skin looks duller and drawn because of it.

5. Using your makeup brushes without cleaning them

Cleaning your makeup brushes can be a tiresome thing to do. Every time your brush touches your face, it picks up bacteria, which can then hang out and grow within the bristles and then return to your face when you use it again. Play it safe and thoroughly cleanse your brushes with a brush cleanser at least once a week. Your skin will thank you.

6. Giving into your sweet tooth

What monster would swear off gummy bears? But for the sake of your skin, you probably should. Research shows that high-glycemic foods, like white bread and sugary foods, are closely correlated with acne breakouts, while low-glycemic foods, such as most fruits and beans, aren’t. We’re not crazy here: You shouldn’t delete chocolate from your diet. But if you’re eating it on a regular basis and also dealing with acne, try limiting it to once a week.


Coffee scrub masks for radiant skin


Did you know that coffee is one of the most popular ingredients in cosmetic industry? Yes, it helps enhance the beauty of your skin and most importantly it is not at all harmful. Coffee is rich in caffeine and contains antioxidants which improve skin’s elasticity, help in soothing the redness of the skin, reducing the inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties, exfoliates the skin and improves blood circulation.

Let us see how to prepare some best coffee scrub and face masks for treating acne and getting radiant and clear skin. Read on and try it to believe it!

1. For cleansing

This mixture contains coffee and milk which will remove the dirt and dead cells leaving your skin clear. It will also help in calming the redness of the skin by reducing the inflammation and make skin smooth and soft. It can also be used as an eye mask for puffy eyes.

·         Add 1 tbsp of instant coffee to ½-1 tbsp of liquid milk.

·         Mix the two well to form a paste.

·         Apply on your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

·         Once it is dry rinse it off with cold water.

·         Repeat 2-3 times a week to get best results.

2. Reducing dark spots

This mask contains turmeric which helps in reducing dark spots due to the presence of Vitamin C. Coffee and turmeric help in building up of collagen which helps in skin tightening. Yogurt due to the presence of lactic acid helps in healing acne and reduces the signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. Want to nourish and lubricate your skin, try this!


·         Mix 1 tbsp each of instant coffee, turmeric and yogurt.

·         Apply the mixture on your face, let it stand for 20 minutes and wash it off with normal water by gently messaging in order to remove dirt and dead cells.

·         Repeat it 2-3 times a week to get fast and best results.

3. Exfoliation for oily skin

This scrub contains coffee grounds and the roughness of these grounds helps in exfoliating the skin and leaving it fresh and radiant.

·         Mix 1 tbsp of coffee ground with 1 tbsp of honey or yogurt and scrub your face for 1-2 minutes.

·         Let in on for 5 minutes and then wash off.

·         Repeat 1-2 times a week to get best results.

It is said that “a lot can happen over a cup of coffee”, now it is the time to see what coffee has for your skin. Get up, try these coffee face masks and you will definitely include it in your bucket of skin care regimen.


Starskin s Revamping Meltaway Lace Mask for dark circles


Like any other mask, an eye mask is meant to deliver a concentrated treatment to the skin. For the delicate area of thin skin around the eye area, this means hydrating ingredients and anything to help dark circles. The problem, of course, lies in the fact that these are some of the toughest skin problems to correct, even over time, let alone in under an hour.

In the Starskin’s Revamping Meltaway Lace Mask the ingredients, however, are promising. Hyaluronic acid, collagen, and adenosine help to plump the eye area, which minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Korean mugwort is a brightening anti-inflammatory herb, while green tea brings some antioxidant power to the formula.

This mask is fuller-coverage than those little half-moon, croissant-shaped undereye patch masks. It covers the bridge of your nose and extends out to your temples, the undereye gets the same, if not more coverage than the undereye patches allow.

Starskin is a little fancier than your average sheet mask company, so the mask itself contains something the brand refers to as “meltaway serum,” which basically means that when the mask hits the skin, the serum trapped inside of it melts or absorbs into the skin so you get the most bang for your buck — 10 grams of solidified serum, in this case.

Here’s what most impressed us about the experience of actually wearing the mask. First of all, the grip is impressive. Unlike some masks that lay atop the skin and effectively incapacitate you as long as they’re on, this one stayed right in place. The one tip is to make sure to smooth it out so it actually lays flat under your eyes. Secondly, thanks in part to the hydrogel material, this mask stayed cool for the 25 minutes you’ll wore it on cleansed, makeup-free skin. (The package recommends 20 to 40 minutes).

After 25 minutes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to look a little more awake and your dark circles will be a little less dark. The difference will be subtle, but hopefully, combined with some extra sleep, you’ll have bright looking eyes in no time.

Shop the Starskin Revamping Meltaway Lace Eye Mask for $15 (for a set of two) at


Best Sweater Styles for Your Body Shape


Winter is here. Every girl is ready to buy sweaters but find herself wondering what style to pick. Firstly you should know what body shape you have. It helps you decide what type of sweater complements your shape as well as what styles conceal your figure flaws and accentuate your best assets. 

Here are our suggestions on what sweater styles complement your body shape: 

Your focus is to show off your well-defined waist. Boxy sweaters and tops tend to make you look square and wide. 

Your best sweater styles:

  • Nipped and/or belted at the waist
  • Wrap sweaters which create a smooth silhouette on your hourglass body. That includes open cardigans which you can wrap with a waist belt
  • Low necklines to bring attention to your waist
  • Styles that extend just below the hipbone or past the thighs

Your goal is to draw the eye away from your wide hips by adding interest and creating curves on top. 

Your best sweater styles:

  • Wide or rounded necklines (eg. Boatneck, scoop neck, etc.)
  • Light coloured or bright coloured.
  • Sweater with shoulder, chest, neckline and sleeve details
  • Printed and embellished
  • Sweaters that hit a few inches above your hipline draw the eye upwards
  • Sweaters with thicker or busy texture. Eg. lace, rib knit texture

Inverted Triangle 
Your goal is to soften and draw attention away from your wide shoulder line and make it look narrower.

Your best sweaters feature:

  • Soft and drapery fabric. Thick and rigid fabric only add bulk.
  • Soft sleeves and shoulders – so avoid straight lines
  • No or minimal interest (eg. Collar less shirts)
  • Vertical details that draw the eye up and down

Your goal is to slim down your mid-section and draw the eye upwards.

Your best sweaters:

  • Skim over your midsection (empire waist)
  • Lowish necklines that slim your upper body and draw the eye up and down
  • Have shoulder, neckline and sleeve details (not all together)
  • Float away from your waist. Basically, they don’t taper

Your focus is to break up your silhouette to create curves from waist and waist down.

Your best sweater styles feature:

  • A nipped waist and flaring from the waist and down
  • Various prints, textures and details from the bust and up. Just keep the details of the waist, or add a black belt to nip your waist. The goal here is to make your belly look smaller
  • Bright and light colours