7 Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Get To And From Your Wedding

Yes, limos are definitely a great way to transport your wedding party, and they make for fun and glamorous wedding photos — but you know what could make for an even better wedding photo? A paddle board or a tractor, to start! Here are 10 ways that real couples thought outside the box to get to and from their wedding.

1. This tractor exit
It was fitting that the newlyweds drove off on a tractor with a “Just Married” sign, since they married at the bride’s family farm.

2. This whimsical pedicab arrival
This couple decided to buck tradition and make their entrance count, arriving at their ceremony in a yellow pedicab with an “Almost Married” sign on the back.

3. This hay ride that the whole bridal party arrived on
Hay rides can be fun all year round, and this bride and her bridesmaids proved that by arriving at the ceremony on a tractor-pulled wagon stacked with bales of hay for them to sit on. Perfect for a country-themed wedding!

4. This paddle board photo-op (that’s not for the faint of heart)
Paddle boarding amateurs probably shouldn’t attempt to make their way to the middle of a lake on their wedding day (dressed head-to-toe in their wedding ensembles), but clearly, this couple knows what they’re doing.

5. This cool-as-ice dogsledding exit
The bride wore Timberland boots — what else? — when she and her husband dogsledded to and from their wedding ceremony in snowy Colorado.

6. This color-coordinated bicycle exit
It was wheels up for this couple, who chose to ride into the sunset on two bikes that matched each of their wedding outfits.

7. This amazing car-shaped boat voyage
Nope, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you — this snazzy Nautilimo, which is a vintage boat-shaped car, took the newlyweds out for a spin/swim.

Credits: Ivy Jacobson for theknot

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