Fashion Consultancy At Mashaal Moazzam


Mashaal Moazzam has been a fashion designer for quite some time now. Now Mashaal is venturing into Fashion consultancy by the name of TIFA. It is indeed great news for all fashion conscious people. Now get personalised makeover from Mashaal herself. Not only you will get to buy stuff from Mashaal Moazzam but you can discuss your complete look.

Get to know what colour suits you, what silhouette will compliment your body type. Besides choosing the right outfit for you, Mashaal will help you with shoes, jewellery and makeup too. If you want a specific look for an event or even if you just want to have a personal throw everything out of your closet makeover, get in touch with TIFA by Mashaal Moazzam.

Makeover is a complete transformation of one’s appearance. Every individual has a specific style. “My work is to bring out your style in a way that will enhance your personality.


Most of us are comfortable with a certain look but what we do not realise is that it has become outdated. Being a fashion designer as well as a consultant now, I always ask the client their likes and dislikes and what is their style. What are they comfortable in and then I tell them where they are going wrong,” says Mashaal. “A lot of females are working nowadays so keeping that in mind, I help them look chic yet professional. TIFA’s aim is to work with multi brand stores and deal with all the clients personally. Keeping in mind the client’s style, physical appearance, event, ambience and budget I will give them a choice of outfits by a number of fashion designers in the store.”

The look is not complete if the shoe or the accessory is not right so everything a client needs will be given to them. TIFA promises to bring out the best in you. TIFA will be your personal shopping guide.

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