Muniba Mazari’s Ex-Husband Sues Her For 10 Million

Muniba Mazari is an incredibly talented painter, public speaker and social activist. While she’s probably one of Pakistan’s most cherished activists she has found herself in the middle of a controversy regarding her past personal life.

She had recently been going viral for her talk on an international platform where she walked the audience down the memory lane to the date of her accident. In 2008, after two years of marriage, Muniba and her husband had met with a fateful accident and she said that he jumped out of the car even though he was driving it and saved himself. It seemed apparent from her conversation that his lack of care and support are what caused the rift between the two.

Her husband, Khurram Shahzad, an Airforce officer, however had another story to tell and filed against Muniba for defamation, demanding a sum of 10 million rupees. His version is that he was busy promoting her paintings after the accident to bring her back to normalcy but she had started taking an interest in modelling and that did not align with their family values.

In a series of tweets Muniba expressed her anger at the case:

There are two sides to all stories, and we should listen to them both while making an opinion. In this case, the two stories that are coming across are polar opposites to each other. It would be best to let the court do its job and decide who is right and who is wrong, rather than jumping to conclusions. The case is all set to appear in front of the court this month. What is your opinion readers let us know.

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