Here s 8 Reasons Why You Should Go for Morri Ensembles

Every other day a new designer or brand makes a mark with its launch but very few stay on to rule the industry. This week we at Brides&You caught up with Morri, a relatively new design house that is quickly garnering attention of locals and international audiences for its unique aesthetic. We believe this brand is bound to go places and their work is uncommon, something we truly haven’t seen elsewhere.


Even though the Pakistani market is used to traditional designs, we’re excited to see how Morri is breaking boundaries and coming up with an infusion of European and Eastern styles. Here’s why you should definitely check out Morri dresses:


1) Their work is definitely unique. The intricate embroideries show beautiful artwork that takes days to make. 




Quality of work and design truly shows itself as the artisans intricately embellish the ensembles by hand. Lots of hard work is put into each silhouette and details look spectacular.


2) Lots of crystal bead embellishments that is different from the run of the mill work we see in markets 


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One thing we noticed is the use of pearls and a particular use of a black crystal bead that gives the ensembles a richer look.


3) Unique shimmery fabrics in zari and kundan that is not readily available 




The right fabrics can make all the difference in an ensemble and at Morri shimmery fabrics that really give a grand feel to the dresses are used. 


“We like to use materials that are original and not typically used otherwise what’s the point of going to a designer,” said Hammad Sadiq, the design head at Morri. 


4) A lot of research is put into each new outfit/collection. Since the collections are inspired from global art, a lot of time is spent into designing them. 


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5) Distinctive colours ranging from champagne pinks to rum raisin 




Khwab Gah, their latest collection is a blend of muted and neutral tones mostly but with a few ensembles based on richer colours that work beautifully with the intricate artwork on the clothes. 


6) Prices are competitive that makes everything even more desirable compared to what is available in the market




Their semi-formal collection starts from Rs.20,000 and above, with heavy formals and bridals depending on the amount of exquisite details on the dresses. They also adjust within people’s budget and specifications. 


7) Modern Cuts with high and low hemlines giving the outfits a classier look 




“The whole point of going to a good designer is the cut their ensembles have. Even if there’s not a lot of work on the dresses, we make sure the cuts speak for themselves and create a signature,” said Hammad. 


The cuts are visually appealing ranging from high and low hemlines, long trails of the bridals, halters, cut outs and more. 


8) Morri team vows to present timeless formal and bridal looks that you won’t find anywhere else in Pakistan 




The design house truly prides itself in providing quality work and wants to keep innovating and producing creative designs with feminine accents. 


It might take our local audience to accept quite creative designs in bridal wear but Morri is surely making waves. They are currently working on paying a tribute to the Maharanis of India and their take on traditional wear is sure to be unique. For a distinctive addition to your wardrobe, we highly recommend visiting their studio located in Defence, Lahore. We at Brides&You wish them all the best!

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