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Today we are going to review Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo as we have been personally using this great shampoo for over two months. This shampoo is great when you have recently gone through a hair straightening treatment like rebonding or extenso, or even if you have dry and rough hair.

Product Claims: Want hair that’s smoother, straighter and easier to style? Use the shampoo specifically formulated to leave your hair gorgeously sleek and manageable. The Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and system transforms your hair, making your hair gorgeously sleek with less frizz, smooth and easy to style. Infused with keratin, the shampoo, with lower sulfates, gently cleanses to leave hair clean, shiny and manageable.


Our Experience: Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo is packed in a large red colored shampoo bottle. Since the bottle is very bulky, it is not a very travel friendly packaging. However, this shampoo also comes in other sizes which are easier to travel with.

This shampoo is transparent in color. The consistency is perfect as it is neither very runny nor too thick. It applies easily and lathers nicely. It has an awesome smell that makes one feel very fresh. The shampoo works well to clean hair, even heavily oiled hair. It is also very easy to wash off.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo really does what it claims. The hair is definitely very smooth and the frizz is controlled to an extent. I have tried it using without a conditioner and the hair still feels soft and manageable. It will not straighten your hair as such, but the smoothening effect will make the hair look sleek and shiny, and if you have gone through a chemical treatment like rebonding it will leave your hair as straight as ever. However, the shampoo has some shortcomings. It contains a lot of chemicals. It does not give any volume to the hair and might flatten out fine and thin hair. We have also experienced a slight build up after using it continuously for 2 weeks.


·         Makes hair smooth and frizz free.

·         Cleanses hair very well.

·         Gives softness and shine to hair.

·         Hair detangles perfectly.

·         Washes off easily.

·         Smells awesome.

·         Good for unmanageable thick or rough hair.


·         Contains lot of chemicals.

·         Gives no volume to the hair, hence not good for fine hair.

·         Slight build up.

·         No evident straightening of hair.

Price: PKR 475 – 599 for 500 ml.

Where to buy:This great shampoo is easy available at all the local general stores and super marts. Additionally, gives you a discounted price on this shampoo, so you can easily buy from there.

Recommendation: Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo is an awesome shampoo to try if you are not completely satisfied with your current one. Very reasonably priced compared with the quantity, this shampoo smoothens and detangles your hair perfectly.

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Performance line-up for Lahore Music Meet 2018

With this email, we wanted to update that Pakistan’s Leading Comprehensive Music Symposium: The Lahore Music Meet [#LMM18] has officially announced the performance line-up for their fourth edition scheduled to take place at the Alhamra Arts Council in Lahore on the 6th and 7th January 2018. The two-day festival is dedicated to bringing together musical minds from across Pakistan for a celebration and critique of music. #LMM18 will be headlined by by leading Indie folk-rock band Sikandar ka Mandar, Balochi folk artist Akhtar Channal on day 1 with Pakistan’s Qawwali maestros Farid Ayaz & Abu Muhammad Qawwals and Indie Band Taka Tak to perform on day-2 as part of the festival’s indoor showcase.

The outdoor showcase will feature a diversity of artists who encapsulate various musical spectrums of Pakistan. These include; Mauj, Roots, Wisdom Salad, Zohaib Bilal, Alien Panda Jury, Sameen Qasim & Co, Sunny Khan Durrani, Bayaan, Sami Amiri, Fazal Jatt, Bushra Marvi, Shorbanoor and Pepsi battle of the bands winner Kashmir. For its fourth iteration, the Lahore Music Meet received over 200 applications from across the country for the live performance sessions which were interesting blend of pop, rock, folk and rap music from around the country.then crafted into a carefully curated list by co-founders Natasha Noorani and Zahra Paracha representing an interesting blend of pop, rock, folk and rap music from around the country.

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Team Sondhi from LACAS wins the Winter Holidays Open Debating Championship 2017 in Croatia

Team Sondhi from LACAS won one of the largest and most competitive international debating tournaments, the Winter Holidays Open 2017, held in Zagreb, Croatia. LACAS selected the top 3 students from their prestigious interschool Sondhi International Debating Championship who went on to beat 96 teams from all over the world to bring home the cup.

The Sondhi International Debating Championship, Pakistan’s oldest debating tournament is now in its 30th year. Every year during this championship, 3 top students are selected, trained, and entirely funded by LACAS to go to a renowned international tournament.

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The perfect shampoo to help boost whites, greys and blondes Platinum Blonde Shampoo

Be a bright blonde with Paul Mitchell’s Platinum Blonde Shampoo. Containing the finest ingredients to help boost and brighten whites, greys and blondes, it will also banish brassiness and restore the luminosity to highlighted hair.

Paul Mitchell’s advanced formula found in Platinum Blonde Shampoo contains cool violet pigments to brighten and enhance blonde, grey or white hair while neutralizing yellow tones, diminishing that brassy blonde effect. Also containing a powerful combination of conditioning agents and extracts that provide ample moisture and intensified shine while mild ingredients cleanse and retain moisture to soften your hair.

It’s a purple-tinted shampoo, especially formulated to keep cool blonde or white hair looking beautiful and bright! The purple colour of the shampoo counteracts the yellow (or warmth or brassiness) that you usually see in blonde hair, especially right after it is lightened or as the toner starts to fade out. Those of you who are familiar with the colour wheel from art class will remember that lavender is directly across the wheel from yellow, and therefore cancels it out.

It smells like it is something that we should be eating, and it leaves the hair feeling soft and moisturized. It was reformulated a year or so ago, and we love the new formula so much more than the old one! You would leave the shampoo in your hair for 5-10 minutes (this time can vary for different people) before rinsing it off. Rinsing with cool water is best, as it closes down your hair cuticle to help trap the color in, and makes your hair feel better as well. You also don’t have to use this every time you wash your hair.

You can purchase Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo from online from Amazon. A 10.14oz bottle retails for $12.95. Also available at top local super markets.

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Get set, style and go ladies because Sana Safinaz have recently launched a seriously drool-worthy range of accessories we can’t wait to get our hands on! From clutches and cross body bags to trendy sneakers and casual everyday pocket books you can rock while running errands. Your over all look will go from drab to fab with the addition of a couple of fashion forward accessories from this dynamic duo. We’ve taken the liberty of coupling some of our favourite looks with ideal pairings; check them out below:

Your morning brunch will be incomplete without these key ingredients- a delicate pink Sana Safinaz clutch and rose gold accessories are all you need!

Casual winter days have arrived and there’s no better way to dress up your everyday look than with a laid-back cross body Sana Safinaz bag and a pair of Paul Andrew Gladiator heels!

Kick those pesky Monday blue’s and add a pop of color to your work outfit with these gorgeous electric blue statement pieces- paired with a crisp white top and Sana Safinaz embellished sneakers; you’ll look street style chic in no time.

Laser cut is all the rage this season and the SS candy pink clutch is perfect for glamming up your look; add a pair of studs and sky-high heels like Aquazurra’s fringe heel for some real Barbie doll feels!

So, there you have it ladies, leave all your styling woes to us and check out Sana Safinaz seriously drool worthy accessories collection; now available online and in store!

You can also buy all these items from Sana Safinaz own website:

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Winter slippers or travel companions- Birkenstock Madrid Slide Sandals is the answer

During winters sometimes we are in socks all day long and this is where our flip flops fail us. Also while traveling, shoes take space and care while packing. For most trips, we bring a pair of nice looking sandals, which are casual enough to act as a substitute for flip flops, comfortable enough to wear all day and chic enough to not look like bathroom slippers for a night out.

We did our research and landed on Birkenstock Madrid sandals, one of the first styles that the company ever designed. Birkenstocks tend to elicit images of frumpy looking clogs, but the brand has created some new styles and revived old ones.


Adjustable strap: The strap that crosses your foot is adjustable, which is great for when your feet swell on a plane or when you want to wear socks with them. We recommend wearing them tighter than you think you’ll need, as they stabilize your foot better.

Cork foot bed: This is a signature of Birkenstock shoes, providing arched support and shock absorption. The product description also claims that the sandal improves your circulation.

Large toe box: It doesn’t crowd your toes.


Multiple colours: Birkenstock makes Madrids in dozens of funky styles and colours, including metallics and prints. Black can be a safe neutral choice.

True to size: When you choose your size, know that it will be accurate, not too big or too small.

Lightweight and packable: These shoes are no more than 1 pound because of the cork material, making for an ideal travel shoe. They can also fold flat, saving valuable space in your bag.

Durable: Birkenstocks last for many years before showing wear and tear.


The breaking in process: Be aware that you can’t comfortably wear them straight out of the box. Like other types of shoes, specifically Rainbows- they have to be broken in and molded to fit your foot. This can be uncomfortable for some and prevents them from enjoying Birkenstocks. We recommend that you wear with them with socks around your house for a few days before you bring them on a trip.

Price: Priced around $30 USD, they’re not extremely cheap, but it’s better to spend more on shoes that will last rather than continually buying low quality footwear.

You can buy these amazing slide sandals online from Amazon, ebay and Nordstrom.