Create A Flawless Daytime Makeup Look

As summers have almost hit every region your makeup routine also needs a big change. Less is more is what every makeup artist advises for summer. We have gathered a few products and tips to help you achieve a perfect daytime look.

Cleanse your face:

Find a good face wash or a cleansing milk of your skin type to deep cleanse your pores and skin. This will keep your skin fresh and will help you avoid pimples and oil.


This is the most important product as this will keep your skin hydrated, oil free and all the makeup products used will stay in place for a long time.

Moisturizer + Sun block:


Apply your moisturizer with a sun block to avoid tan and breakouts on the skin.


If you have any dark areas which need to be covered apply a concealer in a liquid form rather than gel/cream, as liquid form of concealers do not give a heavy, cakey look which usually comes from the gel/cream form.

Foundation/BB cream/Face Powder:

There are a lot of BB creams in market nowadays which are perfect for a light makeup routine and they even provide a good amount of coverage. If you want to apply foundation opt for a medium coverage liquid foundation. A face powder is one of the best options for summers which will give a medium coverage and will help prevent oil on skin.


Dust a small amount of light brown/ natural brown shade all over the lids just to add a bit of depth to the eyes with a water- proof mascara to open up your eyes and you are done.


A light powder pink blush just to add colour to the face is all you need.

Opt for a gel or powder blush; avoid using liquid blushes as there will be a lot of heat you have to deal with throughout the day.


Soft and light colours would be preferred at day time. A lip pencil can be enough. If you want to make your lips stand out just add a little clear lip gloss but do not overdo it.


In the daylight every bit of product used is clearly visible. Avoid cream contour products… use just a slight dab of deep brown shade powder and define your face shape.

Fixing Spray:

To keep your makeup looking fresh and last long, dust a good amount of fixing spray.

You are all ready to go!

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